‘Law & Order: SVU’ Features ‘The Sopranos’ Actress Annabella Sciorra in New Episode

by Madison Miller

For fans of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” a familiar face is returning to help solve a case in a new episode. Annabella Sciorra, who is known for her key role in “The Sopranos,” returned as a guest star in the “Law & Order” franchise.

She was first in one season of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” as Carolyn Barek.

Now Barek is back and is in The Bronx as a lieutenant. She teams up with the SVU cast to track down a serial rapist in the area. The episode has shocking twists and turns.

Sciorra in ‘Law & Order’

“Hunt, Trap, Rape, and Release” is the name of the recent episode.

The SVU teams follow a number of leads that connect a recent victim they have in Manhattan to a series of rapes in The Bronx. The team makes this connection after learning that the serial rapist always says, “be a good girl” to the victims.

This led them straight to Barek and her team. The two teams from different cities must join forces as the rapist is now hopping from city to city. What started out as a battle for control over the case became a joint task force.

The two teams track down the wrong suspect initially. Then, eventually, Sgt. Mouldivan from The Bronx team is caught in the midst of some suspicious behavior. He is cornered at a bar and accused of being a copycat rapist. He pulls a gun, but the SVU team enters at the same time.

Instead, he threatens to shoot himself but is unable to pull the trigger. The team arrests him on the spot. The entire situation cast a light on some unacceptable conditions in the other unit. Barek is convinced she will have to retire but is given reassuring words from Deputy Chief Garland and the SVU team.

He said, “Everything passes.” However, she is now moving back to the homicide department instead.

Annabella Sciorra ‘Criminal Intent’ and Past Roles

Before appearing in the recent episode with the Special Victims Unit, Sciorra was on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Here she played the same character, but at the time she was just a detective.

She was in 12 episodes of the fifth season of the show.

Besides playing a detective-turned-lieutenant, Annabella Sciorra is most known for her role as Gloria Trillo in “The Sopranos.” She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in a Drama Series for her portrayal.

Her other roles are in movies like ‘True Love,” “Internal Affairs,” “Cadillac Man,” “Jungle Fever,” and “The Addiction.” She also is in the Marvel world when she took the role of Rosalie Carbone in “Luke Cage.”

Another episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” will premiere on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.