‘Law & Order: SVU’: Mariska Hargitay Says She ‘Loved Working’ With Betty Buckley in Selfie

by Jonathan Howard

In the new episode of Law & Order: SVU Betty Buckley guest-starred. Her role as Trial Division Chief Lorraine Maxwell was very interesting. She oversaw ADA Carisi’s first-ever murder trial.

Mariska Hargitay loves taking pictures and sharing behind-the-scenes moments with her fans. Of course, the SVU fans love it too. The most recent picture she shared featured Buckley. It was a kind and loving message to go along with a wonderful photo of the two together. Seriously, Hargitay is good with heartfelt messages. Check it out.

The post caption reads, “I loved working with this rockstar on #SVU. I love this woman, I love her acting, I love her power, I love her strength, I love her kindness.”

This is a truly special season of Law & Order: SVU. The 23rd season has brought action and great guest stars. Not to mention the interconnectedness the show has with Organized Crime. Don’t forget about Elliott Stabler being undercover, y’all! Hargitay is always going to share fun and interesting moments and we love that she does.

So, on-screen Buckley oversaw Carisi’s murder trial as Lorraine Maxwell. While Carisi is hoping to give leniency to a suspect due to a prior history of abuse, Maxwell tells him to put the full weight of the law on the suspect. Buckley is a legend in the business and most famous for her stage work, but on camera, she does just as well.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Carisi’s ‘Complicated’ Relationship With Rollins

Speaking of Carisi, he has other issues on his plate. The Law & Order: SVU ADA is struggling with this murder case of course. Having to prosecute someone who might be being actively abused isn’t the most conscience-friendly task. It is clear he has a complicated relationship with his job, but what about with Rollins?

Peter Scanavino opened up about that relationship earlier this year. “It’s a complicated relationship. I think there’s something there between the two of them. But it’s one of those instances where you’ve had your relationship defined by work and being friends for so long that sometimes it might be hard to cross over into something else and that might not even be what’s right.”

Fans have noticed the tension between the two. It is hard for two characters NOT to have a love interest on Law & Order: SVU. The will-they, won’t-they suspense is always thrilling and exciting for viewers. It gives these characters a human side outside of their job titles. Carisi is focused on his work but he can’t help but desire something more in his life. That is something that Scanavino discussed as well. When are the lines blurred between romantic and platonic?