‘Law & Order: SVU’ Reveals Stabler’s New Apartment Was Built from Scratch

by Anna Dunn

The Twitter account for wolf entertainment just revealed that former Law & Order: SVU character Elliot Stabler’s new apartment actually got built from scratch by the Law & Order: Organized Crime set design team. Additionally, the team is lead by Carlos Menendez. The apartment definitely looks the part.

“We love a new set! Stabler’s new apartment was designed and built from scratch by our #OrganizedCrime team, led by production designer Carlos Menendez!” the account wrote in an October 7th tweet.

In a recent crossover event with Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime, Stabler and Benson were once again reunited with plenty of tension in the air. Meanwhile, Benson is frustrated that Stabler didn’t tell her he was going undercover, and Stabler reveals what was written in that critical letter.

Even ‘Law & Order’ Head Dick Wolf Is Talking About a Potential Benson and Stabler Romance

The letter definitely showed that Stabler feels the two would be together under different circumstances, so what does Executive Producer have to say about their romance? Well, it sounds like he’s on board, but also, there’s still a lot more show to write so fans shouldn’t expect a happy ending for the two any time soon.

“I don’t anticipate them running off and living together as much as the audience would like that. Anticipation is the most exciting part of most relationships… the chase is always better,” he said to ET Online. Granted, some fans would argue that they’ve had 22 years of anticipation.

Chris Meloni also hasn’t denied a future for Benson in Stabler. Today reports that during a press tour earlier this year, Meloni noted that it’s a complex relationship. He also indicated that there’s hope.

“Hope springs eternal. I mean, why not? I think it’s going to be a collaborative effort between those showrunners for ‘SVU’ and ‘OC,’ and I believe with Mariska and I, to kind of figure it all out. It’s a complicated relationship. So, we’ll see,” he said.

Recent ‘Law & Order’ SVU Episode Is Making Fans Question Mariska Hargitay’s Future on the Show

Benson and Stabler’s relationship could be jeopardized if one of the actors leaves the show. Last night’s episode of Law & Order: SVU put Benson’s future in question.

After getting injured when a car runs her off the road, Benson’s doctor explained in last night’s episode that she shouldn’t expect to return to the peak physical performance that has benefitted her so much at the SVU. The doctor even suggests that it might be time for her to move on from her job.

This did not sit well with fans, who would hate to see Mariska Hargitay leave the series. Hopefully, it was just a suggestion from the doctor and won’t be considered too seriously. You can catch more episodes of Law & Order: SVU as it comes out on Thursday nights at 9/8 Central.