‘Law & Order: SVU Star’ Ice-T Poses for Sweet Selfie With Wife Coco: ‘Ya Shoulda Been There’

by Jacklyn Krol

Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T treated fans to a selfie with his wife Coco.

The actor/rocker hosted the Sopranos Convention’s Movie Awards at Harrah’s Resort in New Jersey. He’s a native of The Garden State and has been a fan of the gangster series. Ice-T donned a pinstripe suit with a black fedora and red feather. The ensemble truly made him look like a mobster host.

“We had a great time last night in Atlantic City NJ at @mobmoviecon Respect to everyone in attendance! Everyone else, ‘Ya shoulda been there…'” Ice-T captioned the photo.

“Ice Tea … twist of Coco!” Arsenio Hall commented on the snapshot.

Working With Ice-T

If you follow Ice-T on social media, you know he’s always real and even gives the occasional “Cold Fact.” Mariska Hargitay revealed that he has the nickname “Philosopher King” for always being wise and able to convey almost any idea. His mindset also makes him extremely chill and an easy person to work alongside.

“He goes on his philosopher rants and everyone gathers around because the way he breaks everything down is clear and simple,” Hargitay said in a 2018 interview with TV Insider. “He takes all the complex and whiny stuff out of it, like, ‘Here’s the deal.’ And in 19 years, I’ve never seen him in a bad mood or raise his voice.”

The entire cast gets along so well and has great working and personal relationships.

“I think the best thing about our show is that everybody on our show that we work with is so wonderful,” Ice-T said in an interview with Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018. “It’s easy. You know, I love Mariska, we get along. Just the work environment, it’s so fun. So, it doesn’t seem like 20 years, it just seems like you’re going to work and doing something you love to do.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 23

Law & Order: SVU has already begun filming its 23rd season. This will also mark the show’s historic 500th episode.

Be sure to set your reminders for the season premiere on September 23. NBC will air a special 2-hour premiere at 8 PM. This will be followed by the season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The other spinoff is in its second season. The franchise creators have teased that there will be more crossover episodes this year. Both spinoffs are currently filming and will be airing at the same time.

The following week will feature a typical 1-hour episode at 8 PM. This will be followed by two brand new episodes of Criminal Intent beginning at 9 PM.