Lay’s Announces Two New Flavors That Feature Collaborations With Major Chip Brands

by Thad Mitchell

If you are a fan of the all-American potato chip, and who isn’t, Lay’s has got some exciting news for you snack lovers.

Lay’s recently announced two new potato chip flavors inspired by two already existing snacks — Doritos and Funyuns. Yes, that’s right — Lay’s is about to make your wildest dreams come true and just in time for peak summer barbecue season. The yummy goodness that is Doritos and Funyons will very soon be available in a chip form. The latest flavors from Lay’s potato chips will be hitting the shelves this week with some stores rolling them out today (Tuesday). The world is excited with the news that two of our favorite snacks are getting a makeover. Lay’s announced their newest additions to their already impressive chip lineup via social media. Judging by the reaction to the posts, people can’t wait to get their hands on these delicious new snacks.

“Y’all. Aren’t. Ready.” the Lay’s marketing team writes in the social media post’s caption space.

They might be wrong about that as many social media users are rejoicing at the very thought of these chips. Potato Chip fans flooded social media with praise for the Lay’s company taking a bold step into the future of junk food. They are quite effusive in their praise with some even angling to get a free same sample of the new varieties.

Lay’s Potato Chips Fans Sound Off On New Flavors

“This is the most excited I have been about a potato chip ever,” a social media user writes. “I can’t wait to try there and I might go and get some real soon.”

“I look for new brands of Lay’s every time I go to the store,” another Lay’s eater says. “These look like they will be a real winner.”

“Good idea on these chips,” another writes. “Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.”

Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch packs a real punch of zest and a little bit of spice and is certain to have you licking your fingers. The Funyun flavor chip will be of the wavy Lay’s variety and feature the oniony goodness we all know and love.

These brand new Lay’s potato chips expect to be available at most every major store in the country. They will be on shelves for a limited time so make sure you don’t miss your chance at the delicious snacks. A large bag of these chips will retail at $3.75 while a smaller bag will be available for $1.99. The new chips are likely to move fast once they hit the shelves of stores across the country this week.

If you want to try something new this week, here is a golden opportunity. Don’t miss out!