LeAnn Rimes Releases New Song ‘Throw My Arms Around The World’ Ahead of Winning ‘The Masked Singer’

by Katie Maloney

Two-time Grammy winning singer, LeAnn Rimes, wins The Masked Singer and talks about her new song.

After wowing audiences with her covers of artists including Lizzo and Billie Eilish, Rimes sealed the win during the finale of The Masked Singer last night. Shortly before her win, Rimes released her new single, “Throw my Arms Around The World.” A song, Rimes says, she is more connected with than any of her previous music. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more connected to the music I’m creating ever in my career than at this moment,” says Rimes during an interview.

During the song, Rimes sings about hoping she may be able to heal the world through her love and embrace. She sings, “If I could throw my arms around the world, maybe I could love it back to life.”

Rimes says that she cannot listen to the song without getting emotional. “I can’t listen to it without crying and dancing, all at the same time,” she says. “It’s so powerful. I’m just so blessed and grateful that I was a conduit for this message to come through,” says Rimes.

LeAnn Rimes song, “Throw My Arms Around The World.”

LeAnn Rimes’ Single Is “Different” Than Previous Albums

Although her previous albums have often been influenced by both country and pop themes, Rimes has always tried to push the boundaries of labels. Rimes says that she’s continued that trend with this album and that it doesn’t fit into one specific category.

“It’s a little bit of everything, and I think that’s who I am as an artist,” she says. “For me, there’s never been really a box, and I’ve kind of genre-bended over several different genres of music. I think this just kind of broadens that a little bit more,” says Rimes. 

Rimes says that she was inspired by the earthy sounds of drums, which absolutely comes through in “Throw My Arms Around The World.” As she sings, “I lay my belly on the ground. Press my ear against the earth. I can hear her cry inside. That she’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever been heard,” you can hear what Rimes calls “ancient percussion sounds” playing in the background. Additionally, Rimes says that the message of the song is important to her. According to Rimes, each of us can only do so much on our own. However, when we join forces and become “we,” we are far more powerful. “…And we have so much power if we just open our hearts up to love. It speaks to so much of what’s going on in our world right now and what’s possible,” says Rimes.