‘Leave It to Beaver’: Jerry Mathers Was Once Given 7 Years to Live in the 1990s, Changed Lifestyle

by Will Shepard

One of the main characters of Leave It to Beaver, Jerry Mathers had a major scare in his life. This happened nearly thirty years ago in the mid-1990s, long after his time in the Beaver family.

At this time, Leave It to Beaver was just enjoying the success of its reruns. Jerry Mathers, on the other hand, was dealing with some serious health issues.

Consequently, he went to a doctor to have his health examined, and the outlook was not a good one. In an interview with My Primetime News, the actor explains what his future was going to look like.

The doctors gave him seven years to live after telling him that he had Type 2 Diabetes. So, in order to keep enjoying life, he needed to make significant changes.

Jerry Mathers, of “Leave It to Beaver” Was Diagnosed With Diabetes

Jerry Mathers was told by the doctors that his diet was becoming a problem. In the interview from 2013, the star of Leave It to Beaver was asked how he is still going strong at 65. In answering the question, he explains that there was a chunk of time where he wasn’t doing well.

“Yes, I started my acting career at a very young age. I have had numerous phenomenal life experiences that included television, movies, theater, college education, a stint in the Air Force Reserve, and many business ventures. In my 40’s, I was putting on a lot of weight. I was eating all the time. In the mid-1990s, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was told that I would be dead in 7 years if I didn’t change my lifestyle. A wonderful doctor helped me, and I listened to her. I started taking care of my health with weight loss, exercise, and changing my lifestyle. Most [importantly], I wanted to start helping others.”

Now, almost ten years later, Mathers is healthy and continues to spread his cheer to all of his fans. However, without going to see a doctor, the Leave It to Beaver star might have had a relatively short life. But, after transitioning his lifestyle, he is still living life to its fullest.