‘Leave it to Beaver’: Take a Tour of the Famous Cleaver House on Colonial Street

by Will Shepard

Leave it to Beaver is one of the more iconic shows from its era, the late 1950s, and early 1960s. Even though the show only ran for six seasons, its legacy still lives on and enjoys success to this day. One of the cool aspects of the show is the house that the show was filmed in.

Originally, the house was built for the movie Desperate Hours in 1955. Affectionately, the Leave it to Beaver house is known as the “Paramount House.” However, the place was not the original house for the show and only became so in the show’s third season.

Almost immediately, when Leave it to Beaver began filming at the “Paramount House,” its name was changed. Because the show was so popular, and fans of the show were so in love with the place, it became known as the “Cleaver House.”

Take a Tour of the “Leave it to Beaver” House Tour in CGI

When Leave it to Beaver began filming in 1957, the show was using a house in Republic Studios. When MCA Revue Productions purchased the house, the show moved into the house for the remainder of its time. So, without further ado, take a tour of the Cleaver house’s first floor (CGI Tour created by Marina Coates, who has created tours of many other TV and movie homes).

The house itself is relatively famous for its roles in movies and television. In 1951, it was shown in Here Come the Nelsons, and in 1955 it was used for Any Body Seen My Gal. After the conclusion of Leave it to Beaver, the house remained available as a set. Consequently, from 1969 to 1976, the house was home to a show called Marcus Welby M.D.

Additionally, after the 1976 show, there was yet another show that used the Cleaver house. This show was a reunited cast of the original Leave it to Beaver show that intended to show how the characters would have wound up.

Finally, The Burbs, from Tom Hanks had to use the house’s street to film. So, this show decided to move the Cleaver house away from Colonial Street at Universal Studios.

Nonetheless, the Leave it to Beaver house was able to serve as the center of an iconic show. And perhaps more impressively, it remained for many years after the show had concluded.