Led Zeppelin Icon Robert Plant Opens Up About New Album With Alison Krauss

by Maria Hartfield

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and country singer Alison Krauss are gearing up to release a new album after a 14-year break. The upcoming collaboration titled Raise the Roof is out on November 19 and is currently available for preorder.

The duo last released an album in 2007 called Raising Sand which ended up winning six Grammys, including album of the year.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss open up in an interview with PEOPLE about the new album and their “no expectations” attitude.

“The only thing that I knew is that it would be good,” said Krauss. “The songs were beautiful. I knew that our singing together has something that’s very different.”

“And sometimes it’s in tune. Once I’ve been told what to do,” added Plant.

The legendary rocker and bluegrass singer are a bit of an odd match. However, their friendship began years ago back in 2004. Plant invited Krauss to share the stage with him in a tribute concert for Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter.

The success of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s debut album, Raising Sand came as quite a shock to the English singer-songwriter.

“I really enjoyed the explosion of Raising Sand,” he reflected. “And at the end of it all, the idea of gambling straight into something else was… it’s a natural knee-jerk to do that. But we thought about it, romanced it, and then went back to our old-time used-to-bes. But we kept exchanging, contacting, sending a few musical ideas.”

The unlikely pair have remained close friends over the years. They had always hoped to record again. However, it wasn’t until Krauss heard the song “Quattro (World Drifts In)” that it hit her. It was time for them to team up once again.

“I thought that was the first song of our record when I heard it,” she said. “I thought, ‘A-ha!’ We always talked back and forth about recording again together. And this was just the right time. Any other time, I suppose, was the wrong time, because it didn’t happen.”

Before too long, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss recorded 12 new tracks for the new album. The compilation consists of all cover songs just like their last release. With the exception of one original, “High and Lonesome,” written by the Plant and album producer T Bone Burnett.

“It’s so much fun to bring things you’ve held onto and bring it to the table, and then see it come to life again in a new way,” Krauss gushed. “The whole process together has been a surprise from day one, when we first met and made that first record. And then here we are again. The whole thing’s been a surprise, and not with any expectations, which makes the whole thing a joy.”

“The time in between doing it and getting to this point has been very, very strange,” says Plant. “It’s like sitting on an egg that just won’t open. And then you start wondering, ‘Are we OK? Is it right? Does that sounds OK?’ It’s all that stuff. Everybody’s been in suspended animation everywhere… But I think we cracked the record long before the lockdown.”

Raise the Roof is out Nov. 19.