Leonardo DiCaprio Had To Rescue His Huskies from a Frozen Lake While Filming ‘Don’t Look Up’

by Matthew Memrick

Leonardo DiCaprio’s huskies nearly died in a frozen lake, but the “Don’t Look Up” actor jumped in to save them.

Fellow cast members talked about the actor’s dogs, and soon, a story came out about the 47-year-old Oscar winner having to pull his dogs from a frozen lake after one almost drowned. The Daily Mail reported on Jack, Jill, and Leo for a story.

Leonardo DiCaprio was in Massachusetts to film Adam McKay’s disaster comedy in movie theaters. Fans can see it on Netflix on Christmas Day.

DiCaprio shares the dogs with his longtime girlfriend, Camila Morrone.

Actor And His Dogs OK After Scare

The actor sat down with his fellow castmates for Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table episode, and the rescue was a big topic.

The movie stars DiCaprio and actress Jennifer Lawrence as two lowly astronomers trying to get the word out about an approaching comet that will destroy Earth within a year.

Director McKay and Lawrence prompted DiCaprio as the cast talked about ridiculous moments from the set. Tyler Perry also stars in the film.

“The funniest thing was, Leo has these two rescue Huskies that are just absolute tornadoes,” McKay said, with co-star Jennifer Lawrence chiming in that the dogs were “psychotic.”

Fellow actor Jonah Hill, who starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” roomed with DiCaprio off the set. He added the dogs “thrive in absolute chaos,” as Joaquin Phoenix did for his “Joker” movie role.

DiCaprio recounted that the dogs “basically both fell on a frozen lake.” Fellow castmate Meryl Streep looked shocked as the actor told his story. At first, DiCaprio didn’t know what to do, but he jumped in when he saw one of the dogs fall in the water.

Lawrence helped the star tell the story, claiming that another jumped in when he pushed one dog out. There’s a Titanic joke somewhere, but I really can’t make it work right.

Leonardo DiCaprio said that when one dog licked the other drowning, they all froze in the lake together. Usually based at his sunny California residence, the dogs were unsure of their new environment.

The actress chimed in again to reveal that the actor had shed his wet clothes in the car to keep from freezing to death. 

Actor, Girlfriend Rescued Dogs

Leonardo DiCaprio shares the dogs with 24-year-old Morrone, his girlfriend of almost five years. The couple has another huskie named Sally.

Morrone shares pictures of the dogs on her Instragam account, but the couple is highly private. The model/actress did not attend the film’s premiere earlier this month.