LeVar Burton is ‘Holding’ New Orleans in His Heart in Touching Message as Hurricane Ida Arrives

by Jon D. B.

The Jeopardy! fan-favorite and television icon is sending his love to NOLA amid the arrival of Hurricane Ida, which is now pushing a Category 5.

“Holding you in my heart, NOLA!” tweets self-described “Kunta, Geordi, and Reading Rainbow Guy” LeVar Burton on Sunday. Hurricane Ida is already a terrifying storm, and may reach a Category 5, meteorologists predict.

“I want to reiterate, the storm surge that we are expecting is unsurvivable,” Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng tells NOLA citizens of Hurricane Ida earlier Sunday. It’s warnings like these that has Burton holding the region in his heart.

“Thanks LeVar, we hope to welcome you back again once this is all over. Get you [back] on a motorbike perhaps,” replies Altius Stunts on Twitter.

“Thank you! I’m in Miami, Florida for my sister bachelorette trip! When we left on Friday, we were not prepared that our family would be weathering a Category 4. Our husbands are home riding out the storm,” echoes fan Bella.

“Thank you @levarburton!” replies the ‘NOLA Meatball’. “It’s also a good time to plug that SWLA is still recovering from last year and restoration efforts there are ongoing. Recommending your followers hoping to help donate to local groups in SELA and SWLA.”

Other followers already have heartbreaking stories for Hurricane Ida, which has now made landfall.

Hurricane Ida: Situation is Grim

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – AUGUST 29: A man runs through the rain prior to the arrival of Hurricane Ida on August 29, 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The French Quarter is mostly quiet as residents of New Orleans continue to prepare, while the outer bands of Hurricane Ida begin to cut across the city. Ida is expected to make landfall as a category 4 storm later today. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

“LeVar, we evacuated, but have 2 friends working in the hospital; one with children, helping them cope, the other a COVID Unit respiratory nurse. They are locked in,” replies Susan A. “Power is already going out in the city If the generators fail, they are last line of defense. please pray…”

Fan Chris adds “Sadly this one isn’t going to be just NOLA, its going to be the entire state, this thing is still gaining strength and might end up a cat 5.”

Other NOLA residents are offering insight into what to expect from Hurricane Ida as Sunday rolls on.

“It currently has sustained winds of 140 mph, there will absolutely be catastrophic damage to the state in certain areas. These folks will need a lot of help,” another response reads.

“You have time to get out,” Parish President Sheng told residents earlier today as part of a news conference. “Especially in those areas where there is a mandatory evacuation. We need you to leave immediately.”

Outsider sends our best to our brothers and sisters with us in the Southeast battering down for Hurricane Ida.