‘Little House on The Prairie’ Cast Reveal Their Favorite Episodes of the Show

by Matthew Wilson

Everyone has their favorite “Little House on the Prairie” episode or moment. Even the various actors and cast members that starred on the show.

Sometimes, it’s nice to sit and reminisce about the good ole days. The “Little House” actors reunited on Home & Family to discuss their favorite moments from the show.

Hersha Paraday’s favorite episode was probably the most morbid of the bunch. Spoiler alert for a 40-year-old show. But Paraday’s favorite moment was her last episode. Her character, Alice Garvey, perished in a fire in the episode “May We Make Them Proud.”

The fire was caused by Matthew Laborteux, who played Albert Ingalls. Laborteux was also present and considered the episode one of his favorites as well.

“My favorite scene and episode was my last one because I got to play in fire,” Paraday said. “And I was completely surrounded by the hansomest Los Angeles Fire Department. I liked it a lot.”

Melissa Gilbert Loved the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Pilot

Meanwhile, both Lindsay Greenbush and Melissa Gilbert loved the pilot episode and how the series began. Gilbert agreed with her on-screen sister that the pilot was magical.

“I love the pilot,” she said. “I think it’s probably one of the best made for TV movies in the history of television, I gotta agree with my baby sister over here.”

But Leslie Landon said her favorite episode was “Journey to the Spring.”

Charlotte Stewart liked the episode where her character Miss Beadle got the children into trouble during a blizzard. She said the episode was also one of the hardest for her to film.

Finally, Dean Butler recounted young love as his character Almanzo Wilder. He portrayed the love interest for Gilbert’s character Laura Ingalls. He made his former castmate blush during the retelling of their on-screen kiss.

“‘The Lord is My Shepherd’ is probably one of my favorite ever Little House episodes. In terms of something, I was involved with they all have to do with this one{Melissa} here. We had so much fun. One of my favorite moments is the first kiss in Sweet Sixteen with Melissa’s mother wailing in the background. And we have to keep redoing the shot because Melissa’s mother cannot stop crying.”