‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’: Kelly Ripa Missing Again as Guest Host Takes Her Spot

by Emily Morgan

Once again, Kelly Ripa was absent from her daytime talk show, “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” Ripa’s absence marks the third consecutive day this week she’s been away from the show. Her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, was there along with guest host Ali Wentworth.

On Wednesday, Seacrest said little about Ripa’s absence, only noting that she “had the day off.” Immediately after the brief statement, the show went on like normal. However, Wentworth did joke that Seacrest and the crew offered to pay her in Bitcoin for filling in for Ripa.

When the show’s producers shared a behind-the-scenes Instagram video of Wentworth and Seacrest hosting together, fans reacted positively to the news.

In the caption alongside the video, the producers filled the fans in that Wentworth would be co-hosting for Ripa. “[Ali Wentworth] is today’s guest host,” the caption read. As a result, fans were quick to give their two cents and left comments like “Love her” and “She’s fabulous!”

The longtime television personality wasn’t present on both Monday and Tuesday. As a result, the show recruited Maria Menounos as a temporary replacement before booking Wentworth.

On social media, fans of the popular talk show sounded off about the hosting switch-up. One viewer commented, “Love Maria and Ryan as cohosts!” Another person added, “Great show with Maria and Ryan, fresh energy much needed for the show.”

Ripa, a mom of three and a wife to Mark Consuelos, is not revealing much about her hiatus, but some have speculated that she could be spending spring break with her family.

Kelly Ripa Possibly Spending Quality Time With Family, New Puppy

On Tuesday, Ripa did share a few videos of her dogs for National Puppy Day. In the videos, fans can see Lena, a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix she adopted. Lena was featured as an adoptable pet on the show’s “Happy Pets” Segments earlier in March.

“The Consueloses have made a decision to adopt Lena,” she told her co-host during a taping last week. She also revealed that the family introduced Lena to their other rescue dog, Chewie, to make sure they could co-exist together.

“My whole fear was that I didn’t want Chewie to feel replaced in any way,” Ripa said about the adoption. She also added that they quickly realized the dogs had developed a friendhi[ when they found Chewie outside Lena’s crate, “sitting next to her with their noses together.”

Ripa has been hosting the show since 2001. She’s co-hosted the morning show alongside the late Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan before Seacrest took on the role in 2017.