Luke Bryan Jokes with Blake Shelton After Dad Gets Angry During ‘American Idol’ Audition

by Atlanta Northcutt

Luke Bryan playfully shoots a witty response to his friend Blake Shelton after a dramatic “American Idol” audition.

It’s Not Always Easy Being an Idol

Bryan is a coach on the hit singing competition “American Idol.” After a little tiff with the father of a contestant, Luke made a tongue-in-cheek joke regarding his very good friend Blake Shelton.

On the season premiere of “American Idol” which aired Sunday, excitement and hot heads unfolded in the audition room.

17-year-old singer Danica Steakley approached the judges’ stage and begins her performance, hoping to receive the golden ticket to Hollywood. Her father, Dan Steakley, followed closely behind as he played the guitar during his daughter’s performance.

“The first time I heard Danica sing, I knew she was gonna be the winner of American Idol,” Dan tells the cameras during a pre-audition interview.

With high hopes, the two entered the room ready to put on the show of a lifetime. However, that isn’t the case seeing as Danica didn’t pass the audition.

Other than Bryan, the two other “American Idol” judges are Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. All three gave humble, kind, and honest critiques. Although Danica wasn’t chosen to continue on, the judges encouraged her to keep trying.

In life, there is a time and season for everything. Both Bryan and Richie believe Danica’s time isn’t now, and although she was talented, she wasn’t ready to be a star and take on fame yet. Katy Perry was the only one to vote for the teenage singer to move forward in the competition.

“I think you’re very talented, but I think you’re 17, and you can hear it in your voice a little bit. Kind of, a little lack of experience. There’s a bit of a timidness, or a shyness when delivering,” says Perry, even though she voted “yes.”

Luke Bryan Lays Out the Hard Truth – It’s Rejected

As disappointment and sadness fell across Danica’s face, the judges gently explained their reasonings for not voting for her.

Richie said he agreed with Perry. Luke Bryan also agreed with the two other judges’ opinions and then began to speak to both Danica and her father.

“Well, Dad, I know this is quite frustrating to hear, and for you too, Danica,” says Bryan. “You have all the makings to grow into a really, really, really great singer… you’re not quite ready to tackle this competition.”

Bryan delivers his thoughts on the performance in a kind and delicate way. But, like the jokester he is, Bryan adds a comment about the father’s guitar playing skills.

Luke turns to his fellow judges, saying, “Well Pops needs to go practice the guitar.”

This did not go over well with Danica’s father, Dan. The man swiftly grabbed his guitar and left the audition room. Dan was obviously very upset about Bryan’s remark. He even tries to get away from the host of “American Idol,” Ryan Seacrest, in order to avoid any questions while making his way out.

When walking down the hallway, Dan can be heard muttering, “Why didn’t they just say ‘no’ right away?”

He solely directs his anger at Bryan. Dan took aim at the country singer, saying, “I don’t even know any Luke Bryan songs anyway besides ‘Knockin’ Boots.’ Next time I’ll have her audition for The Voice.”

Wishing Blake the Best of Luck

When the show aired Bryan thought it was quite funny to turn the negative moment into a friendly jab at Blake Shelton. “Welp, hopefully [Danica Steakley’s] Dad knows your songs,” Bryan tweeted to Shelton.

Shelton is a judge on NBC’s singing competition “The Voice.” Blake Shelton represents the country genre on the TV show similar to how Luke Bryan is the country music expert on “American Idol.”