Lynyrd Skynyrd Announces Cancellation of Four Upcoming Shows

by Courtney Blackann

Tuesday’s not the only thing that’s gone as Lynyrd Skynyrd announced the cancellation of four show dates on their upcoming tour.

After band member Rickey Medlocke tested positive for Covid-19, the group decided to postpone at least four show dates.

The gang planned to hit cities in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and Alabama next. But manager Ross Schilling released a statement saying the rock band will put a halt to the show, at least until Medlocke begins to feel better.

“Rickey is home resting and responding well to treatment. We will continue to update you on his condition,” Schilling said in the statement.

While the Aug. 13 show in Atlanta has been rescheduled for Oct. 23, the fate of the other show dates are unknown.

In addition to Medlocke’s misfortune, founding member Gary Rossington underwent emergency heart surgery last month. Rossington has dealt with a heart condition since 2015 and has been cautioned about touring.

The original rocker is still recovering, but is doing well, Lynyrd Skynyrd said in a statement.

“Music is a powerful healer! We all felt playing the shows and bringing the music to y’all was a better option than canceling the performances,” Rossington’s family said in a statement.

Rossington encouraged the band to continue without him until he makes a full recovery.

“Gary is home resting and recovering with his family,” the band said. “He wants everyone to know he is doing good and expects a full recovery.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd Reeling After Tough Year

For a band that’s been around as long as Lynyrd Skynyrd, there isn’t much they haven’t seen. Huge success, heartbreak, tragedy and loss are a part of their journey.

The infamous death of leader Ronnie Van Zant, among other bandmates, in the 1977 plane crash defined an era of tragedy for the group. A staple to southern rock, the band persevered. Decades later, Lynyrd Skynyrd remains a household name, forming generational bonds.

When the pandemic hit hard in 2020 and much of the world shutdown, Lynyrd Skynyrd also had to stop performing. With the arrival of the new year, it brought hope for the rock legends. Before a concert in June, the band hadn’t played in almost a year and a half.

Kicking off their tour with a killer setlist ending with a mind-blowing rendition of “Free Bird,” penned by the late Van Zant, the scene was electric.

With the band’s grand return to performing in front of live audiences after such a long duration, the group hoped it would be the start of a string of good fortune.

Despite the seemingly endless roadblocks, Lynyrd Skynyrd will continue to push through the adversity. The dynamic musicians will continue to play live venues while maintaining their health.