Mark Wahlberg Is Rocking a Tom Selleck-Level Stache in His New Movie

by Amy Myers

Did Mark Wahlberg just join his brother on Blue Bloods, or is that bushy stache for his new role as Victor “Sully” Sullivan in Uncharted?

As much as we would love for double-Wahlberg trouble on the crime series, we’re just as excited about Mark’s upcoming feature in the video game-turned film coming to theaters on February 18, 2022. Uncharted tells the story of a treasure hunter who found himself in the company of a younger companion with the same goals. Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) quickly becomes Sully’s apprentice, and the two embark on a dangerous adventure in search of the most valuable treasure in the world.

Jam-packed with action and intensity, Uncharted seems like a natural fit for the two actors, but many fans of the video game expressed their disappointment when they found out that Mark Wahlberg would be portraying the older protagonist. This wasn’t so much because of his acting abilities. Rather, it was more because he didn’t look the part of the character.

Well, apparently, a bit of facial hair solved that problem. Now, Uncharted fans are raving about Wahlberg’s new facial fur.

“Now ya’ll can finally shut up about Sully not having a mustache, because it now seems you’re getting a damn origin story for it,” one fan said of Mark Wahlberg’s new stache.

“When I tell you I screamed at the end when I saw Sully with the mustache,” said another enthusiastic fan.

Here’s a better look at what we can expect of Mark Wahlberg’s new look.

Mark Wahlberg Was Supposed to Play the Younger Protagonist

When Mark Wahlberg first agreed to his role on Uncharted, he was initially going to play the role of Drake. Back then, Uncharted was still a relatively new game, and Wahlberg could still capture that naive perspective that the director was looking for. However, production took much longer than expected. And in the meantime, Wahlberg went on to star in a variety of comedy and action films, quickly cementing himself as the hardened protagonist with a silver tongue.

When it was time to begin filming Uncharted, Mark Wahlberg had unintentionally graduated from the role of Drake to the role of Sully. So, instead, the producers found themselves in need of a new apprentice.

Thankfully for them, Tom Holland’s popularity sky-rocketed following his work in Spider-Man: No Way Home. He had the same knack for adventure scenes as co-star Mark Wahlberg but still maintained that wide-eyed view of the world. In this sense, the duo seems like the perfect partnership for the plot of the film.

Hopefully, Holland and Wahlberg’s performance, with the added bonus of his mustache, will be enough to please the film’s original fans.