‘Matlock’ Star Nancy Stafford Turned Down ‘So Much Work’ Over the Years Because Films Got ‘Raunchier’

by Taylor Cunningham

Nancy Stafford made heads turn when she played a beautiful legal partner named Michelle Thomas on Matlock. And she’s been a Hollywood sweetheart ever since. The devout Christian prefers to act in wholesome series and movies. But as the culture has changed over the years, she believes the industry has become “raunchier.” So, she has walked away from countless job offers. But that hasn’t stopped Stafford from continuing her career on the silver screen.

In an interview with Fox News, Nancy Stafford said that her faith has helped her become a successful actress. And she’s always drawn to inspirational films. But she thinks PG-rated, wholesome movies made for adults are far and few these days. So most of her recent work has been in faith films.

“I love them, and they’re so in line with who I am as a person,” she admitted. But she wishes there were more family-friendly movies made that catered to people of all ages.

Nancy Stafford Believes Hollywood Is Pushing the Envelope

“To have a film that’s simply fun for the entire family, and not just be a kids film that happens to be rated PG, is a rarity,” Stafford said. “As an actress in the midst of Hollywood, I do feel the envelope just keeps getting pushed further and further. And things are just getting edgier and edgier. I know I’ve made my career here, but it’s just getting raunchier.”

But the Princess Diaries star won’t budge on her beliefs. If someone presents her with a movie or show that is out of line with her morals, Stafford has no problem saying “no.” In fact, she’s turned down countless offers “over the years” because she “didn’t want to do that kind of work.”

However, Stafford thinks that people are turning back to inspirational movies. And she’s excited to be a part of the genre’s upcoming work.

“But now, here come these kinds of movies that we just yearn for… I’m excited to be a part of a culture like this one, rather than be part of a project that diminishes what I stand for.”

‘Matlock’ Star Nancy Stafford Was Suprised by Andy Griffith

Nancy Stafford found most of her lasting fame by staring in Matlock alongside Andy Griffith. And during her years with the series, she and Griffith grew close. The two remained friends until Griffith passed in 2012.

And according to Stafford, Andy Griffith was an incredibly hard worker. Once she took the role of Michelle Thomas, she was surprised by how dedicated the actor was to the show.

“I’ve never seen anybody work as hard as he did,” she admitted. “His finger was on every single page of the script.”