‘Matlock’: One Actor Played Four Different Roles on Andy Griffith Led Show

by Keeli Parkey

Sometimes a supporting actor will appear on one episode of a television show as one character, then later on during the series the actor will return for another episode as a completely different character. This happened on the Andy Griffith show “Matlock.”

And while you might not know the actor in question’s name, chances are you will recognize his face. You will probably recognize him for more than just his roles on this Andy Griffith show.

But, let’s stick with his roles on “Matlock” for now. According to IMDb.com, the roles were Dr. Bobby Shaw, Alex Winthrop, Prosecutor Mr. Sodowsky, and Cliff Lewis.

The actor behind all of these roles was Daniel Roebuck. He made his first appearance on “Matlock” in a 1987 episode called “The Doctors.” It was in this episode that he played Dr. Bobby Shaw. According to IMDb.com, Andy Griffith liked Roebuck’s work. And, the young actor was promised that he would eventually get to work as a regular cast member on the show.

The following year, Roebuck was not yet a regular cast member. However, he was brought back for a two-part storyline. In these episodes he played Alex Winthrop. He played that character again in another episode that aired during 1989.

The actor’s third role on “Matlock” was that of Prosecutor Mr. Sodowsky. This character appeared another two-part storyline that aired during 1992.

It was later that same year that Daniel Roebuck finally became a regular cast member on “Matlock.” He was cast as Cliff Lewis and stayed on the show until 1995. Lewis was an attorney who worked with Andy Griffith’s character Ben Matlock in his law firm.

‘Matlock’ Actor Has Appeared in Numerous Other Television Shows, Movies

According to IMDb.com, Daniel Roebuck was born on March 4, 1963, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His first major acting role was in the teen film “Cavegirl” in 1985.

While appearing on “Matlock,” the actor played the role of Biggs in “The Fugitive.” The film also starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. He reprised the role in the film “U.S. Marshals” in 1998.

In the decades after he appeared on “Matlock,” Roebuck has gone on to appear in many other television shows. These include “The King of Queens,” “Nash Bridges,” “Law & Order,” “NCIS,” “Lost,” and “The Man in the High Castle” just to name a few.

He has also appeared in such films as “Final Destination,” “We Were Soldiers,” “Halloween” (2007), and “Agent Cody Banks.”

Here’s an interesting fact about actor Daniel Roebuck. According to IMDb.com, he was hired to play one of the burglars in “Home Alone.” Roebuck was supposed to play Marv.

Unfortunately, things weren’t working out on screen with Joe Pesci, who played the other burglar. So, Daniel Stern was brought in to replace Roebuck in the film.

Even though he didn’t get to be in “Home Alone,” chances are you have seen either one movie or television show where Daniel Roebuck plays a part.