Matthew McConaughey Conducts Imaginary Orchestra Behind Scenes of New Movie

by Matthew Memrick

It’s just a little Matthew McConaughey doing some behind-the-scenes conducting of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony for his new “Sing 2” movie. 

There were no bongos, but just a dad having a little fun.

Alright, alright, alright, indeed.

McConaughey is not facing the camera but looks in front of a green screen, and he’s not talking. There’s a cup sitting on a piece of wood next to him. Is it some Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon? We just don’t know.

But the 52-year-old star is in his element, having fun until they say, “Cut!”

You almost wonder if this will be an out-take or running in the credits of the movie. The Instagram post got over 48,000 likes in 12 hours.

The movie hits screens this week on Wednesday, Dec. 22. The family movie hopes to compete with Keanu Reeves and the new “The Matrix: Ressurrections” movie.

McConaughey Talks About Witherspoon Crush

The “Sing 2” actor recently talked about one of his first Hollywood crushes. He was on Friday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres” show with longtime friend and co-star Reese Witherspoon.  

According to Page Six, Matthew McConaughey revealed that he watched Witherspoon in her first movie, 1991’s “Man In The Moon,” and had a crush on her.

The comment floored the 45-year-old actress. But, she recovered and told him he was “so sweet” for his answer. Then, she joked they should make a movie about it.

As for the actress, Witherspoon chose legendary Doors singer Jim Morrison, saying “she was a weird kid” growing up.

The pair made three films (Sing, Sing 2, and 2012’s Mud) together but never appeared on the screen.

No Sequels For McConaughey?

Well, recently, the star said he is content with his past roles, for the most part. He is proud of this upcoming “Sing 2” movie to show his three children and even took the family to the Hollywood premiere.

“I’m very happy with where all the characters I’ve played live on their own, and they all have their own beginning, middle, and end, and I’m happy with where they ended,” McConaughey told CinemaBlend.

McConaughey told the “Today” show recently that he’s done a few movies that if his kids saw them, it would only “bring up more questions than answers.”

He said one role was “suitable,” calling his Moondog character from the 2019 film “The Beach Bum” right for any period in time. Sure, what’s not to love about a rebel stoner who writes poetry and lives on his terms.

McConaughey doesn’t really have any new movies lined up at this point after “Sing 2.” Maybe he’d be willing to revisit one of those characters.