Matthew McConaughey Explains What Surprises His Co-Stars Most About Him

by Maggie Schneider

“Sing 2” star Matthew McConaughey shares something about his personality that his peers do not expect…

Alright, alright, alright! “Sing 2” star Matthew McConaughey is always surprising fans with new tidbits about himself. While he may appear laidback and easygoing in his press appearances, his personality is a bit different when he’s on the job In an interview with POPSUGAR, McConaughey explains that this comes as a surprise to his co-stars.

“I think they always expect me to be laid-back,” he says. “And they’re surprised sometimes when I’m not so laid-back. But they’re also, I think, appreciative when I am laid-back, because I am laid-back, sometimes.”

I myself am surprised by McConaughey’s statement. The actor always has a relaxed smile on his face! Whatever the case, the 52-year old actor shows the many different sides of himself both onscreen and off.

Matthew McConaughey’s Christmas Message

Matthew McConaughey surprised Australian fans this Christmas Eve. At Channel Nine’s Carols by Candlelight concert, the actor made a cameo via video to encourage fans to donate to Vision Australia. The event supports vision-compromised children

“G’Day Australia, I hope you’re enjoying Christmas Eve and Carols By Candlelight,” he says. “And If you can please donate to Vision Australia for all the wonderful work they do all year round.”

In addition to urging viewers to give donate what they can to the cause, McConaughey wishes Australians a merry Christmas. He also shamelessly plugs his new film “Sing 2.”

“I hope you have a Merry Christmas, be sure to check out my new movie Sing 2 in cinemas – appreciate it!”

McConaughey’s Soft Spot for Australia

Matthew McConaughey has a spot spot for Australia. The “Sing 2” actor is constantly looking for projects that will take him back Down Under. His love for the continent came from a gap year he took there as a teenager. He credits Australia for the man he is today.

“I begun to realize how valuable and enduring that year in Australia was for me, how I wouldn’t be the man I am today, unless I had taken that year,” he shares. “How I wouldn’t have learned the lessons if I would’ve come home early.”

McConaughey also wants to share the beauty of Australia with his family. His son Levi has just gotten interested in surfing.

“My son has just gotten into surfing and can’t wait to get over there and has all of these breaks he wants to get to,” McConaughey adds. “‘Australians love the outdoors, you have to at least respect and understand it if you are going to live over there because everything bites in the sky, the sea or the land.”

We hope the McConaughey family gets to go Down Under soon. Maybe a new movie will come of it.