Matthew McConaughey Is ‘Still Lit’ In Hilarious Mirror Selfie

by Leanne Stahulak

Matthew McConaughey posted a hilarious photo in reference to Daylight Savings Time, which ended early this morning on Nov. 7.

The photo shows a very blurry McConaughey in a bathroom mirror. The mirror is totally fogged up, but the condensation leaks enough to show us his eyes and mouth set in a hilarious “O” shape. The caption of his post reads, “lost an hour but still lit #greenlightsbook.”

The “still lit” definitely refers to his goofy expression in the fogged-up mirror. But why would he say lose an hour when we gain an hour at the end of Daylight Savings?

Many fans were definitely confused as well. One person gently corrected him by writing, “Gain an hour,” with a heart emoji. Hundreds of people liked it, seeming to confirm that they didn’t understand why Matthew McConaughey would say lose an hour.

But it makes sense when you look at the “still lit” part of his caption. He’s saying we lose an hour of sunlight now because it gets dark earlier in the day with the time change. But even though we lose this hour of daylight, the actor’s here to “keep things lit,” apparently.

Or maybe we’re completely off base and Matthew McConaughey just forgot how Daylight Savings works. Either way, it’s a hilarious photo.

Matthew McConaughey Encourages People to ‘Dream Big Dreams’ in Promo For New Movie

Back in 2016, Matthew McConaughey starred in the animated musical “Sing,” alongside Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, and Taron Egerton. Now, the whole cast returns along with some new faces for the sequel “Sing 2,” coming this Christmas.

Right when the first trailer dropped for the film, McConaughey posted a special message to his Instagram page. This message seemed to talk about one of the overall themes for the movie, which is to “dream big dreams.”

“Dream Big Dreams is how we make a better tomorrow for ourselves, for our family, for the world. It’s not a reality just because you dream it,” McConaughey starts out in the video.

“But you gotta have that dream out there that seems to be fiction when you think of it. But a day at a time, if you stay on the path to get there, all of a sudden it turns out to be truth. A reality,” he continues. “You’ve created an impression out of your own reality and you’ve achieved it.”

Matthew McConaughey concludes, “At the end of our life, we look back and we say hey, how many of those did I achieve? How many of those dreams, big dreams that I dreamed, did I actually get to make a reality? That’s as good as it gets.”