Matthew McConaughey Just Earned Major ‘Street Cred’ With His Kids

by Jonathan Howard

While we all know Matthew McConaughey as the cool and always smooth actor, his kids just know him as dad, which means he has to earn cool points.

The latest in McConaughey’s dad journey comes from his latest movie. He is reprising his role in Sing 2 that he played in the original. The Los Angeles premiere of the movie was just last week. The actor was on the red carpet, and his entire family was with him.

While talking with Entertainment Tonight before the screening, McConaughey talked about how his kids are impressed with his new movie.

“Oh, I’ve got more street cred at the dinner table now that I’m in the Sings. We went years, and people would say, ‘What’s your kid’s favorite film that you’ve done?’ They haven’t seen any, I haven’t made any they can see. So finally making something they can see, they dig em,” he said with pride in his voice.

The moment that they hear him on the screen, he says that they start to look from the movie back to him, and then the connection hits. Matthew McConaughey is becoming much more of a family man in recent years and wants that to reflect in his work. So far, so good. He’s probably hoping he can play Buster Moon again in the future.

It isn’t just his own kids that the actor has spoken to recently. He sat down with Carson Daly’s son to talk about the last two years and what children can do to get through these tough times.

Matthew McConaughey Gives Powerful Message to Children

Since the beginning of 2020, it has not been easy for anyone, especially for kids. Matthew McConaughey knows that. In a recent interview with 12-year-old Jackson Daly, he gave an inspiring message to those that may have been watching. He was asked about what takeaway kids could take from his new movie Sing 2.

“The last two years have been a particularly hard time, for kids and everybody. The last two years have been a long-form version of running into conflict, where you think, ‘Okay, it’s time to quit. I give up. It’s time to start practicing things in my life that I know aren’t good for me because you know what, so what.’ But don’t give up on it,” he explained. “This is a time that we’re going through that we’re starting to come out of.”

One of the messages he shared during the interview was to trust yourself. At the end of the day, we are all going through the same pandemic and the same issues. No one is alone in this struggle. So, “Trust that maybe you just got out of this, and you’re a little worse for the wear, but if you survive to get out the other side of this, everyone went through it,” he said.

Matthew McConaughey y’all. Wise words.