Matthew McConaughey Posts Stunning Photo That Will Make You Want to Go to the Beach

by Shelby Scott

It may be October, but our favorite Hollywood cowboy Matthew McConaughey shared a beautiful beachside photo that’ll have you wishing for summer again.

The photo was apparently taken at daybreak based on the star’s caption. The image contains the silhouettes of a young girl and boy standing beside the water. The sea glows a hazy green-black in the morning light while the sky contrasts with a brighter slue of purple and yellow watercolor-like clouds. Overall, the scene captures a feeling of peace and mindfulness in the morning’s moment.

Matthew McConaughey fans shared their love for the photo in the comments, one simply commenting with the star’s signature, “Alright ! Alright ! Alright👍.” Others share similar feelings of peace and mindfulness, simply writing, “Serene💖” beneath the photo.

I still prefer the cool breeze and colors of autumn. However, there’s no doubt Matthew McConaughey knows how to capture a stellar beach pic.

Matthew McConaughey’s Acting Career Had a Hazy Start

Fans of all ages are familiar with the iconic drawling voice of beloved actor Matthew McConaughey. However, while he’s starred in a variety of films and shows, his acting career as a whole kicked off with quite an interesting start.

Never straying far from his classic laid-back personality and charm, Matthew McConaughey previously revealed in an Amazon podcast that his acting career kicked off with quite a bit of smoke. Pot that is.

He shared he had been in a bar at the right time, hanging out with just the right guy. The pair shared “quite a few pops” which wound up getting them kicked out of the bar. “In a cab ride back to my house,” he began, “he’s rolling up a doob, he’s dropping me off, [and] he says, ‘Hey man, you ever done any acting?'”

And from those (many) “pops,” we now have the gravelly-voiced actor we all know and love today.

Carefree Cowboy to Disciplinary Dad

Despite McConaughey’s famed laid-back personality and hazy kick-off to his acting career, it may surprise you to learn he is one strict parent.

During a recent interview with TODAY, the actor’s wife, Camilla Alves, revealed her husband “is chill and laid back, but…has a very disciplined personality.” I guess, in some aspects, you would have to be disciplined to maintain such an iconic career in acting. And Alves confirms the fact.

Within the same interview, she shared of Matthew McConaughey, “that’s how he’s been able to do the work he’s done and accomplish what he does.”

Earlier last year, the actor confirmed the fact during his own interview with TODAY.

The actor revealed his parents took a much stricter, less vocal approach in his parenting. He said they frequently resorted to “the belt” or other old-timey methods. Meanwhile, McConaughey takes a different approach.

“I choose in our family to have much more dialogue than my parents [chose] or their parents [chose],” he explained. He shared that he and Alves take more time to discuss and debate things out. And while it may seem more time-consuming, we can only assume it’ll lead to more laid-back McConaugheys.