Matthew McConaughey Refused to Let Wife Make One Cosmetic Change

by Clayton Edwards

They say that love is in the eye of the beholder. This becomes more evident when you fall deeply in love with someone. Sometimes, what they consider their biggest flaw could be your favorite thing about them. It could be a little thing that sets them apart from others, a favorite place to rest your hand, or something as small as a well-placed freckle. Matthew McConaughey knows all about this. One of his favorite things about his wife Camila is something she considered a flaw. So, when she wanted to fix it the laid-back Texan drew his line in the sand.

Recently, Matthew McConaughey appeared on the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast. During that chat, Matthew revealed that his wife’s smile is one of his favorite things about her. More specifically, it is the small chip in her front tooth.

About Camila’s smile, Matthew McConaughey said, “She’s got this little chip in her front tooth, which leaves this beautiful gap.” To him, that makes her smile unique, and, therefore, special. So, when she decided she wanted to get it fixed, Matthew protested. He told her, “No way! I love that little chip right there on your tooth. That little shadow that’s on that side but not that side. I love it!”

Comedian and podcaster Anna Faris, jokingly added, “You were like ‘I just want to lick it!” Matthew McConaughey didn’t deny that for a second. He replied, “And I have!”

Matthew and Camila McConaughey: A Love Story

Back in May, Matthew McConaughey sat down with Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks when they took over Ellen. During their interview, he told them about the night he met Camila. According to Matthew, Camila saw him first. She was behind him in line to get a drink at the bar. He recalled what she told him about that night.

“There was one guy in front of me and he had on this Rasta hat and this long, blond, curly hair in the back. He had on shorts, a t-shirt, and was wearing flip-flops in the club. But, at this moment, he was in the middle of a 13-minute, very specific, detail-oriented recipe to the bartender, the exact Margarita that he wanted.” She was annoyed but intrigued. In the end, his odd fashion sense and long drink order brought them together.

Matthew changed Camila’s last name to McConaughey back in 2012. Since then, the couple has weathered every storm that life could throw at them. Additionally, they have three children together, two sons, Levi and Livingston aged 13 and 8 respectively and one 11-year-old daughter named Vida.

As for how they’ve remained happy over the years, Matthew McConaughey told Anna Faris that they keep in mind the fact that no one is perfect. However, he’s learned that rooting for Camila to be herself is a large part of loving her unconditionally.