Matthew McConaughey Says His Children Factored Into Reason Not to Run for Governor

by Clayton Edwards

If there’s a celebrity we’d like to see take any public office, it’s Matthew McConaughey. We’re not alone in that opinion, either. For the past couple of years, McConaughey has been toying with the idea of running for governor in Texas. Millions of fans encouraged him to do so. Additionally, people that he knows personally wanted to see him take that leap. Earlier this year, he was ahead of incumbent Governor Ted Cruz in at least one poll. However, he decided that the world of politics would be alright, alright, alright without him for a little while longer. In November he announced that he wouldn’t be putting his hat in the ring.

However, Matthew McConaughey isn’t staying out of politics forever. Thinking seriously about making the leap into politics was an eye-opening experience for the seasoned actor. However, after looking into it for over a year, he decided that it’s not the most beneficial thing he can do for himself, his family, and the people of Texas at this time.

Matthew McConaughey: Family Man

Recently, Matthew McConaughey appeared on The Today Show. While chatting with co-host Willie Geist, McConaughey revealed the main thing that’s keeping him out of the world of politics: his three kids.

To start the conversation about a political career, Matthew McConaughey highlighted why he wanted to run for governor in the first place. It’s also why so many people across the country want to see him run for office. “I feel like I have some leadership qualities and thoughts to share that aren’t just good for me, but can be good for the most amount of people.”

Then Geist replied, “Did you just decide ‘the way for me to affect change is outside of politics’?”

Matthew McConaughey got straight to the heart of the matter in his reply. “My kids are 13, 11, and 8. I’m in the salad days years of being a dad. I mean, they are active. And, the adventures we take… If I [ran for office] it would be a major sacrifice for myself with them.”

McConaughey added, “Sacrifice comes with anything you want to do that’s ambitious.” He’s just not ready to give up the best years of parenting to take a government position. Really, who could blame him?

What Now?

Instead of running for office, Matthew McConaughey plans to continue writing, performing, and raising his children. He hopes that he can spread the same message that he would on the campaign trail through his work. McConaughey says that his message would be “more digestible” if he spread it in a way that people found funny.

At the end of the day, Matthew McConaughey says, “I love telling stories. We need a new story to tell.”