Matthew McConaughey Shares What He’s Looking Forward to Most This Christmas

by Liz Holland

52-year-old Matthew McConaughey loves the holidays. The actor took to social media to share with his followers what he loves most about the holiday. It has nothing to do with presents, or even seeing loved ones you don’t see often. For McConaughey, it’s all about that special Christmas Magic.

In a video McConaughey posted of himself talking about the holiday and what it is he loves about it, he explains it all. He says, “This Christmas, what I’m mostly looking forward to, is that wonderment in my children’s eyes. Christmas Eve, the anticipation of tomorrow morning. Not wanting to go to bed, but finally getting to sleep. Waking up before sunrise, coming to our bed [saying] ‘Get up, get up, Santa came!’ We’re like ‘Can you please give us 30 more minutes?’ Of course, we can’t, gotta go down.”

He continues, “Who ate the cookie? Who drank the milk? Who brought these gifts under the tree? Santa Claus came! That wonderment, that anticipation is even more exciting to me than the pleasure they get from actually opening the gifts. On this Christmas, let’s all enjoy that wonderment by our children. Because, one day they may not believe in Santa Claus. Until that day comes, let’s enjoy that they do. Merry Christmas.”

Matthew McConaughey’s Holiday Message Spoke to Fans

Too often people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget simple pleasures like this. McConaughey’s followers offered their own Christmas wishes, and what it is about the holiday season that speaks to them. One follower writes, “Wonderful message! Someday you will experience that wonderment again through the eyes and smiles of your grandchildren. Merry Christmas to the McConaughey family.”

A fellow parent offered a thoughtful perspective about “wonderment”. They write, “Enjoying the wonderment in your childrens eyes extends beyond Christmas. It applies to that first day of school, their first amusement park ride, their first school dance, graduation, college, careers, marriage, having children, etc. As a parent, seeing that is what I live for.”

One fan says McConaughey’s message helped them get into the Christmas spirit themselves. “This made me remember ‘Wonder’ all over again… Been a while since I listened to that one and would probably plug into it today. Such a wonderful message. Merry Christmas,” the fan writes.

Bringing Out The Singing Chops This Holiday

McConaughey also appeared on the late night Jimmy Fallon show earlier this week to belt out some Christmas classics. The actor and late night host show-cased a pre-taped performance of a quirky Christmas tune called “This Christmas Will Be Different.”

The song highlights what holidays have looked like during the pandemic, complete with the pair “running through the airport” wearing masks. After celebrating all the things people have missed out on the last few years, Fallon and McConaughey transition into a live performance. The pair performed “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” in front of “The Tonight Show” live studio audience. The performance featured festive decorations, backup dancers, and special guests HAIM.