Matthew McConaughey Starred in Trisha Yearwood Music Video Before Hollywood Fame

by Kayla Zadel

Before starring in major roles, before winning an Academy Award, Matthew McConaughey appeared in Trisha Yearwood’s 1992 hit song, “Walkaway Joe.”

Yes – you read that right. One of the most sought after actors’ first role was a reenactment on “Unsolved Mysteries” and TV commercials, followed by his first music video with Yearwood. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

McConaughey plays the role of “Joe,” the teen love interest. His first appearance is about 17-seconds in.

Yearwood jokingly told radio host Bobby Bones that she takes credit for McConaughey’s success.

“I’m absolutely responsible for his career. He was in the video for ‘Walkaway Joe.’ He was an aspiring actor…and they cast him. If you go back and watch that video he just looks like this little kid,” she says.

Shortly after his music video debut, McConaughey landed his first big-screen acting role. He starred as David Wooderson in “Dazed and Confused.” This movie spawned the famous catchphrase, “Alright, alright, alright.” It’s now nationally known and when it’s recited, many know exactly who you’re talking about.

Interestingly though, Matthew McConaughey almost didn’t get the life-changing role. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t originally cast in the movie. According to Country Rebel, the Green Lights author was having drinks at a bar at the Radisson in Austin, Texas. The cast was staying at the hotel and the bartender pointed out one of the film’s cast members.

“The bartender says to him, ‘See that guy down there? That’s Don Phillips. He cast Sean Penn in Fast Times.’ And Matthew goes, ‘I’m gonna go down and talk to this guy.’”

However, Phillips thought that McConaughey was “too handsome” for the role. But Phillips obviously changed his mind and the 23-year-old at the time nailed the role.

Matthew McConaughey Country Stint Continues

McConaughey first left his mark on country music in 1992, but the Texas-native seems to have always been a fan of country music.

McConaughey has been asked to present several awards throughout his lifetime, but none is as memorable as when he tells the story about George Strait’s boots.

He starts the story by saying that he and his brother were going to see Dwight Yokum in concert in 1987. Well, they were doing what boys do and trying to pick up some women at the concert. They ask what the McConaughey brothers do for work and Matthew spins a little story that involves George Strait’s boots.

Well, the story goes on and Carrie Underwood wins the award. She then references these boots that McConaughey was selling.