‘Maverick’: James Garner Told Story of Insane Street Brawl After a Traffic Incident

by Quentin Blount

Legendary Maverick actor, James Garner, once detailed the time that he was involved in a traffic accident-turned street fight.

Garner, of course, is the man behind the iconic gambling cowboy, Bret Maverick. He played that role in the Western series, Maverick, from 1957 to 1962. He also had stints on several other popular TV shows like The Rockford Files. But one thing was certain, Garner always seemed like the type of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with.

But one guy, in particular, didn’t have a problem throwing hands with a TV star. In a 1981 interview with Panorama Magazine, Garner explained how a traffic accident he was involved in wound up turning into a graphic brawl.

James Garner Describes Details from Vicious Street Fight

James Garner didn’t go into detail about what caused the accident or why it happened. But by the sounds of it, the other guy was not happy. Garner said the man in the other vehicle was a brute.

“He hit me through the window, eight or nine times in the face, then I got out and I grabbed him, and we fell across the street, and I fell on top of him, but he grabbed me by the cajones. And squeeeeezed,” Garner said.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the man in the other vehicle didn’t stop there. The cowboy icon says he has kicked over and over again, including multiple times in the head.

“And then he got up and started kickin’ me in the head,” Garner recalled. “And he kicked me about six times in the head, and then six or eight times around the rest of the body. He just started down this side and went all around.”

At this point, James Garner was laying beaten and bloodied.

“I was layin’ on my stomach,” he said. “I was bleeding, and cut, and busted up and stunned so much that I could hardly see.”

And even though Garner didn’t fare so well in that fight, he was able to joke about it later on. He told the interviewer that the guy “wasn’t all that tough.”

“If I’d had a couple of minutes to recoup, I probably would have hurt him,” Garner joked. “But I had concussions and a broken tailbone, and a lot of little things broken. But, you know, he wasn’t all that tough.”

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