‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Premiere: How, When to Watch

by Leanne Stahulak

Good news for Taylor Sheridan fans. The first two episodes of his new drama, “Mayor of Kingstown,” already dropped this morning on Paramount Plus.

While Sheridan’s beloved “Yellowstone” only premieres on the Paramount Network cable channel, he decided to make “Mayor of Kingstown” a Paramount Plus Original show. So, most people will only be able to find it on the streaming service.

According to Decider, new episodes or movies will drop on Paramount Plus at 3 a.m. EST. So, it’s not the type of show you have to wait all day for. Instead, you can watch it anytime on the Sunday that it premieres. Or even later on in the week.

Since this is the season premiere of “Mayor of Kingstown,” Paramount will also air it tonight on their network cable channel. So, right after watching Season 4 Episode 3 of “Yellowstone,” fans can stay tuned in for the first episode of “Mayor of Kingstown.”

For fans who are curious, you can subscribe to Paramount Plus for $4.99 a month (with ads) or $9.99 a month (no ads). Keep in mind, Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” spin-off series, “1883,” will also air as a Paramount Plus Original in just one month.

A similar setup will likely take place on Dec. 19, where you can stream “1883” right away on Sunday, or you can watch it later that night on the Paramount Network cable channel. At this time, the network has not said whether future episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown” or “1883” will also air on the Paramount Network. Most likely, it’s just for the first episode.

What Can We Expect From ‘Mayor of Kingstown?’

“Mayor of Kingstown” stars Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky, the titular character. Fans will also see Dianne Wiest play his mother, Miriam. And Mike’s two brothers are played by Taylor Handley (Kyle McLusky), and Kyle Chandler (Mitch McLusky).

The McLuskys are power brokers out of Kingstown, Michigan. The thriving business in town happens to be incarceration, with seven prisons located within a 10-mile radius. People in the town either work at the prisons or are prisoners themselves. And it’s up to the McLusky’s to keep the peace between several different forces.

During an interview with TV Insider, Renner described his new character, Mike McLusky.

“Mike McLusky’s job starts out as an inmate advocate … Ultimately, his job is to keep the peace … He is the lubricant to this engine,” Renner explained. “He is the thing needed to make sure it all runs smoothly. It’s a selfless job, but to keep the peace in a fighting town that doesn’t stand a chance of finding any sort of joy …” 

Sound like another Taylor Sheridan hit. Make sure you check out “Mayor of Kingstown” tonight on the Paramount Network or anytime today on Paramount Plus.