‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Creator Discusses What It Means to Hold the Titular Position of Mayor

by Chase Thomas

If you love Yellowstone something tells us, Outsiders, that you might also come to love Mayor of Kingstown, a new drama premiering on November 14 on Paramount+. It was co-created by Taylor Sheridan of Yellowstone and stars Kyle Chandler and Jeremy Renner. who you already know from so many different films. Chandler and Renner leading a show co-created by Sheridan has all the makings of a fantastic new show.

Hugh Dillon, another co-creator of the program said, “it just explodes in so many ways.” This is a good way to put it when you consider the plot. The plot centers around two brothers, Mitch and Mike, who are faced with the tough task of running the family business. Running the family business, though, is working to keep the peace in this small town of Kingston where there are seven prisons across a very short radius of space. With all sorts of criminals nearby, it comes as no surprise that things could escalate and get rather complicated rather quickly. Fans should expect to see criminals from all walks of life including Russian mobsters and the Aryan Brotherhood.

We come to find that Mike, the middle child played by Renner, does not want any part of this bleak world for the long haul. His older brother Mitch is more comfortable with it. He grew up around it and is comfortable with his role and place in it. He is OK. Mike, though, wants to run. Unfortunately for him, the world has other plans as he becomes the mayor of this town. Important to note, though, that we don’t mean an elected official, it’s just the role for keeping the peace and handling all the things nobody wants to handle. There is no election. There is no race.

Who Else Is in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’?

Not everybody wants the boys to follow this walk in life. No, their mother, is upset at their father for getting everyone into this world. This mess is not a part of what goes on in this town. She stays away, played by Dianne Wiest, as a college professor and a teacher at the local women’s penitentiary.

Wiest says, “Her life has been one of pure and daily terror. She’s waiting every day for news that one of her boys has died,” says Wiest, who took the role partly because of her activism in prison justice. “Mike is her favorite. He has the biggest heart, biggest brain. Her other kids do it because it’s powerful. Mike is honestly trying to help.”

So it is not everybody in the family. It’s also interesting that the mom clearly favors the middle child Mike in this dynamic. He is the one who wanted to leave and actually fix the problems here. He did not want to perpetuate them like his elder brother and his father before him.