‘Mayor of Kingstown’: Full Recap of the Series Premiere

by Maria Hartfield

The latest series from Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone), Mayor of Kingstown packs a punch with a series premiere that has fans reeling. Show frontrunner Jeremy Renner plays title character Mike McLusky alongside Dianne West, who plays his Mother, Mirium McLusky, and brother Mitch McLusky, played by Kyle Chandler. Here’s everything you need to know about the series premiere.

Warning, spoiler alerts ahead.

Meet the Mayor of Kingstown

The McLusky family is deep-rooted and well respected throughout the town of Kingstown. Mike’s brother Mitch (Kyle Chandler), is the esteemed “mayor” of the town. Mitch works to keep the peace between the town residents, prisoners, law enforcement, and the like. Later in the episode, we learn Mitch has some kind of ongoing relationship with Milo Sunter, a leader of the Russian mob currently in prison. Sunter employs Mitch to pick up his money for a cut of the funds.

A prison guard confronts Mike when his nephew gets duped into sending an unsanctioned letter. Mike and Mitch set off to speak with Crips boss Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) in an attempt to recover the unauthorized document.

Later, McLusky brother Mike and Mitch employ their sibling Kyle’s (Taylor Handley) help to retrieve the money for Sunter. After they find it, they take it straight to the safe in Mitch’s office per instruction. In a short phone call, Mitch mentions to Mike they have a problem. They agree to discuss at the office and hang up the phone.

Meanwhile, a man named Alberto discovers Mitch has money in the safe. He confronts Mitch and holds him at gunpoint while he opens the safe. Despite Mitch’s willingness to hand over the cash, Alberto shoots him in the back of the head, killing him.

Mike arrives at the office with cops surrounding the premises. He comes to the quick realization that something has gone terribly wrong. Forcing his way through the crowds of law enforcement, Mike insists on seeing his brother’s body.

Detectives race to find Alberto. Once found, detectives promise Mike, “if he’s alone in the house, he’ll never get off the couch.” And they kept their promise.

“The End Begins”

Episode two begins with Mike working hard to carry on in the wake of Mitch’s passing. Meanwhile, Kyle struggles to identify his feelings about his brother’s death.

FBI agents approach Mike in his office to discuss a previous arrangement they had with Mitch. They offer Mike the same arrangement they previously had with Mitch in which they will pay him $2,500 a month to be a paid informant. Mike agrees, but it will be under his terms.

“I don’t do stings, I don’t wear a f**king wire, and if someone asks me if I’m on your payroll, I tell them the truth. What I do here, what I do with other people here, stays here. … You want to know who’s running what anytime where come to me. Do not f**king use me for anything.”

In a constant struggle for control, Milo is out to throw Mike off of his game. He decides to take an alternate approach by engaging the help of Iris (Emma laird). “That’s the way with this one,” Milo says darkly.

Mayor of Kingstown airs Sundays via Paramount+.