‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Dianne Wiest Says Her Character Is ‘Angry’ by Circumstances

by Keeli Parkey

Taylor Sheridan scored a smash hit with his Western series “Yellowstone.”

Fortunately for television viewers, the 51-year-old talent wasn’t about to rest on his laurels after that show became a success. And he helped create another show that also promises to be a hit with its audience.

That show is Sheridan’s latest project – a series titled “Mayor of Kingstown.” It is slated to premiere on Paramount+ on Sunday, Nov. 14.

Sheridan and his team have recruited a very talented cast to bring his vision to life. Headlining the series are Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky, Kyle Chandler as Mitch McLusky, and Dianne Wiest as Miriam McLusky.

The 73-year-old Weist is a two-time Academy Award winning actress. She won for her work in “Hannah and Her Sisters” and for “Bullets Over Broadway,” according to IMDb. Wiest has also appeared in numerous other films. These include “The Birdcage,” “Edwards Scissorhands,” “I Care A Lot,” “I Am Sam,” and “Practical Magic.”

Wiest is an experienced and talented actress. During her career, she has worked with such respected names as Robin Williams, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, and many, many others.

She brings a high level of authority and respectability to her role in “Mayor of Kingstown” as the mother of the McLusky brothers. In the days before the new series premieres, Wiest talked about why her character is “angry” during an interview with TV Insider.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Actress Dianne Wiest Said Her Character is ‘Really, Really Angry’ About the Jobs Her Sons Have Taken On

During the interview, Wiest is asked to explain the feelings her character experiences. Specifically, the interviewer wants to know about the feelings Miriam has about what the McClusky sons do for a living.

“She’s really, really angry about what her sons are doing for a living,” Wiest said of her character. “And, it’s the exact same thing their father, my (character’s) husband, did for a living – and go killed doing.”

Unsurprisingly, knowing what happened to her husband and also knowing that her sons have followed in his footsteps has Wiest’s character very on edge when viewers enter the world of “Mayor of Kingstown.”

“She’s terrified. And she, indeed, wakes up every day waiting for the knock on the door telling her that one of her children has been killed,” Wiest also explained.

Taylor Sheridan worked with Hugh Dillon to create the “Mayor of Kingstown.” Dillon was inspired by his experiences growing up to create the new drama that has prisons as one of its more dramatic forces.

“As a child, I’d see the guard tower and think ‘it’s Disneyland.’ It’s the polar opposite. It’s brutal and ruthless,” Dillon has also said.

According to IMDb, the cast of “Mayor of Kingstown” also includes Derek Webster, Taylor Handley, Emm Laird, and Aidan Gillen. Dillon also has an acting role in the new series.