‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Says ‘Everyone is an Antagonist’ in the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Taylor Sheridan’s newest project, Mayor of Kingstown, is premiering next weekend. And as Jeremy Renner revealed, every character is a villain.

In Mayor of Kingstown, only the most despicable people survive. The show follows the fictional city of Kingstown, Michigan, where the only lucrative business is incarceration. And everyone is out for themselves. The citizens are convicted criminals, the cops are crooked, and the elites are helpless.

One family rules Kingston—the McLuskys. They are a group of power brokers who are supposed to keep peace inside the dystopia. But they create fear instead. And they make money while doing it.

Three brothers, Mitch, Mike, and Kyle, are the heart of the McLusky family. They spend their days making dark deals for a fee. And their negotiations often lead to death and destruction.

Jeremy Renner plays Mike McLusky, the brains of the operations. And in an interview with TV Insider, Renner said that there are no good samaritans in Kingston. So if you’re looking for a classic good versus evil drama, Mayor of Kingstown is not for you.

“Everyone is an antagonist,” Renner shared.

The only on-screen warmth comes from the McLuskys’ bond. And Jeremy Renner added the family dynamics were what drew him to the series.

“It’s why I’m attracted to this role,” he said. “I come from a very strong family background—seven kids. I really love the strength of this family. But Mike also has a lot of mess to clean up.”

Mayor of Kingstown premieres on Sunday, Nov. 14 on Paramount+.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Gives BTS Look at New Series

Recently, Taylor Sheridan gave a behind-the-scenes look at his new Paramount+ original Mayor of Kingstown. A story about a town where “the only industry” is incarceration.

Mayor of Kingstown, starring Jeremy Renner, Dianne Wiest, Emma Laird, Kyle Chandler, and Hugh Dillon starts streaming next weekend on Paramount Plus. The 10 episode season will follow the a family of power brokers who are tasked with keeping the peace between the local gangs in Kingstown, MI. But the McLuskys are involved in crimes themselves. So instead of helping people, they make deals for a fee.

Kingtown is a city with seven prisons within a 10-mile radius. And according to star Emma Laird, “Once you enter, you don’t leave. You stay there until you die.” And everyone who lives in the city has to “make decisions in very extreme circumstances.”

“It’s a fascinating way to look at a really ineffective, broken system,” Taylor Sheridan also said.

Check out the entire behind-the-scenes look below.