‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Talks Taylor Sheridan Reunion

by Anna Dunn

Mayor of Kingstown star Jeremy Renner discussed what it was like to reunite with Taylor Sheridan after a long while. Sheridan has been the creator and writer behind many successful projects like Yellowstone, and now, the upcoming Mayor of Kingstown.

Before working together on Mayor of Kingstown, Jeremy Renner and Taylor Sheridan worked together on Wind River. In a recent roundtable interview attended by Looper, Renner discussed why he was so pumped to get the opportunity to reunite with Sheridan on his next project.

“I mean, I just love how wonderfully honest his writing is, and it comes with the ferocity of his words. And the actions that he uses the words against, it’s violent, as is equally, beautifully, thematically, poetic and timely and important with social issues,” Renner said in the interview.

Sheridan has tackled social issues before with Yellowstone. Mayor of Kingstown is a major work about a family profiting off private prisons. And 1883, which follows an early generation of Duttons moving west, has a whole team behind it working on ensuring historical accuracy.

On top of his nuanced approach to social issues and historical topics, Renner loves how “purposeful” Sheridan’s writing is.

“And then even delicate in its words, and in its poetry, and its intimacy and thoughtfulness. And when you have that sort of yin and yang of dialogue, let alone storytelling, it creates a wonderful … this smash of drama. But it’s always purposeful. Everything is purposeful. There’s no fat in it,” he continued.

Most know Renner for his portrayal of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s also known for his work on The Bourne Legacy.

Jeremy Renner Tried To Lighten the Mood on the ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Set with Humor

A show that goes as dark as Mayor of Kingstown does in its subject matter can often struggle with keeping things light between takes.

“It’s pretty harrowing just to be an actor on that set. I had to tell a lot of jokes, ’cause it’s heavy. There’s some scenes I’m so glad I’m not in—I didn’t want to watch all that. Brutal,” he told TV Insider.

The setting sounds bleak and harrowing, with almost all of the main characters being antagonists running for profit private prisons. It follows stories of corruption and police brutality. It was inspired by series co-creator Hugh Dillon’s hometown and shot there.

According to TV Insider, the show actually used a de-commissioned prison to shoot a lot of its scenes.

You can catch Mayor of Kingstown for its first ever episode on Sunday, November 14th on Paramount+. If you’re looking for more of Taylor Sheridan’s work, you can also catch up with Yellowstone also on Paramount +.