Meghan McCain Addressing Her Exit From ‘The View’ in ‘Personal’ New Memoir

by Anna Dunn

Meghan McCain will address her exit from The View in a new audio-only memoir. She’ll also tackle what motherhood is like and how being the daughter of a famous politician has impacted her life.

According to People, her new memoir, Bad Republican, addresses “McCain’s experience as the daughter of an American icon, a conservative rebel, and a new mother.”

The memoir is set to release shortly after McCain’s highly publicized exit from The View. During her time on the show, McCain stirred up plenty of controversy and viral moments. She cited many reasons for leaving the show including the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted how she looked at her life and her priorities.

The day before her final appearance, she wrote a goodbye message about her time on the show. McCain spent 4 years on the view as the show’s conservative voice.

“Tomorrow is my last show as a cohost @TheView – as they say, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sharing my opinion with you every day. I wish my cohosts and the show the best of luck and goodwill going into season 25!” she tweeted.

More details about her exit will likely surface in the audiobook.

‘The View’ May Test Out Guest Hosts Before Finding a Replacement for McCain

Finding a replacement on a show as big as The View is not an easy task, and now the show may borrow a strategy from Jeopardy! by trying out some guest hosts. ABC has yet to release a list of guest hosts for the show, but many are curious about who they’ll choose. They could likely try and find right-leaning guests similar to McCain, or potentially go in a different direction.

Guests hosts give shows time to test out fan reception. Guest hosting positions also work great as auditions both for production and for the audience.

Still, rumors have swirled about potential replacements. It’s even been rumored that former host Debbie Matenopoulos could make a return to the show to replace McCain. It turns out that those rumors initially stirred up by The Daily Mail may hold water.

“Her rep has, in fact, been having conversations with senior executives at ABC News over the past few months about many things, including her participation in celebrating the 25th season of The View, and she appreciates all the interest in her returning,” a spokesperson for Matenopoulos told Entertainment Tonight.

Regardless of if they’re bringing back Matenopoulos permanently or trying to find guest hosts, producers will have to act fast. The View is currently on a Summer hiatus, but that hiatus won’t last long. It’ll make a return the day after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 7.