Meghan McCain Says ‘The View’ Was the ‘Best’ and ‘Worst of Times’ in Post Addressing Final Show

by Keeli Parkey

Several weeks ago, Meghan McCain announced that she would be leaving the daytime show “The View.” The announcement came as a surprise to many of her fans, as well as her co-hosts on the popular series.

Flash forward to early August 2021. McCain’s tenure on the show is about to officially come to an end. So, like many other celebrities in similar situations, the daughter of Senator John McCain took to social media to share her feeling about this milestone in her career.

Meghan McCain shared the following message with her fans and followers on Wednesday, Aug. 5, via Twitter. In her going away message, the 36-year-old reflects on her time on the well-known daytime series.

“Tomorrow is my last show as a cohost @TheView – as they say, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” McCain posted.

McCain also shared words of gratitude with fans of “The View.”

“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sharing my opinion with you every day,” McCain said.

Meghan McCain also offered a positive message with her very soon-to-be-former co-hosts in her Aug. 5 tweet.

“I wish my cohosts and the show the best of luck and good will going into season 25!” McCain also shared.

There Was a Lot Going On Behind the Scenes of Meghan McCain’s Exit from ‘The View’

It should come as almost no surprise that Meghan McCain’s exit from the daytime series “The View” came with its share of drama.

For example, there have been reports that she was “begged” to stay on as one of the hosts of the show. It was ABC – the network that airs “The View – that really wanted her to stay. McCain had worked on the show for four years. According to anonymous sources, the network wanted her to stay with them so much that they even offered her a position with ABC News. However, Meghan McCain turned this offer down.

Meghan McCain has also been open about how she feels very worn down from working on the show and managing her busy life. She shared these feelings via Instagram on July 25.

Here’s what she also had to say about managing stress and life:

“It only took my dad dying of terminal brain cancer, suffering a horrendous miscarriage, a global pandemic where I thought I would most likely die of covid while pregnant and then experiencing first time motherhood isolated and alone in quarantine for me to receive this knowledge and really start believing it. Trust me, I believe it now. I also feel my mortality and the finite amount of time a human lifespan is more than ever. Also, that there’s nothing in this world guaranteed – most especially tomorrow.”