Michael Strahan Opens up About Idea of Daughters Dating, Says He’ll ‘Scare’ Boys Away

by Keeli Parkey

Michael Strahan has issued a strong warning to those wishing to date his twin daughters.

On The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday, the ex-NFL star said prospective dates for Sophia and Isabella, 16, should be prepared to face him in full football gear.

“I’m going to have my shoulder pads on… going to have my arms greased dow,” he starts. Adding, “I’m going to have my helmet on and I’m going to have black stripes under my eyes… I’m going to make sure I’m like, ‘Who you here to see?’” 

Barrymore identified with Strahan’s comments. Consequently, she went on to ask him if he would do the same when her daughters begin dating. Barrymore is the mother of 8-year-old Olive and 6-year-old Frankie.

“Michael, will you please come to my house too?” Barrymore asked. “Because I would love to just be present and stand next to you.”

Strahan quickly agreed, saying: “On demand – you let me know and I am there, full uniform and ready to scare them away.”

In addition to discussing their children, Strahan and Barrymore also discussed the merits of hard work.

“I will always have that little conscience on my shoulder – appreciate everything you have, work for everything you have, earn it, do not expect it,” Barrymore said.

Michael Strahan Dismisses Child Abuse Allegations

Recently, Michael Strahan settled a custody battle in October with Jean Strahan, his ex-wife and mother of Sophia and Isabella. In February, he alleged that his ex-wife had engaged in a “pattern of abusive contact” against their twin daughters. The New York Post reported the story about allegations, citing court documents.

Strahan reportedly accused Jean of being emotionally and physically abusive to the girls, including failing to take them to court-ordered therapy sessions. The children were living with Jean in North Carolina at the time, according to previous reports.