Mick Jagger Explains How He Went Unnoticed at North Carolina Dive Bar

by Chris Haney

In late September, The Rolling Stones were on tour in the United States when they stopped in Charlotte, NC. Previous to their performance at Bank of America Stadium the next night, iconic frontman Mick Jagger hit the town. To fans’ shock everywhere, he visited a local dive bar and went completely unnoticed. In a photo, one of the most famous musicians ever is standing outside sipping on a beer with others around him none the wiser. During a recent interview, Jagger himself opened up about the viral bar moment.

While The Rolling Stones toured across America, Jagger went on a sightseeing tour in each city they stopped in. Throughout the tour he posted pics of his adventures in cities across the nation. He shared photos of himself running around Nashville, Dallas, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Charlotte, and more. As the lead singer of The Rolling Stones for almost 60 years, you’d think he couldn’t go anywhere without being mobbed. However, if there’s one place on earth Mick Jagger can go incognito, evidently it’s the Thirsty Beaver Saloon – a tiny dive bar on the outskirts of uptown Charlotte.

While speaking to the Washington Post recently, Jagger shared how he went unnoticed while visiting the bar.

“There’s hardly anyone there. It’s dark,” Mick Jagger explained to The Washington Post. “It’s not like really grand. I’m not in a big, huge limo. I just walk the block and then just go down there.”

Mick Jagger Went Unnoticed In Several Cities Across America

The Stones had strict rules for themselves while on tour because of Covid-19. Therefore Mick Jagger couldn’t go inside the bar to hang out. That’s why he stood out front on The Thirsty Beaver’s small patio to enjoy his drink. That’s when someone he was with snapped the now-famous photo of Jagger outside of the Charlotte dive bar.

It wouldn’t be the last time the famous singer was seen in public without anyone realizing who he is. He continued to make local stops in each city The Rolling Stones visited, and would post them on social media.

“Well, I mean, local people tell me that that’s a popular dive bar when I get there,” Mick Jagger shared in the same interview. “In normal times, I would go into the bar and spend time in there. But, you know, I didn’t want to do that because of Covid. So I just went outside. And at other times, you do the typical tourist thing, like the St. Louis Arch. If you go there at certain times of the day, there’s not so many people. (Then you) take the mask off and do the picture.”

It’s hard to believe someone as famous as Mick Jagger went unnoticed during his travels across America. Of course, having a mask on surely helped. But no mask was in sight while he enjoyed a brew outside of The Thirsty Beaver. The others at the bar in the background are surely kicking themselves to this day for not knowing they were in the presence of rock and roll royalty.