Micky Dolenz ‘Heartbroken’ by Death of Monkees Bandmate Michael Nesmith

by Kati Michelle

It’s been a bit of a rough week for the music industry, with the deaths of two of its “greats.” One half of the Sly and Robbie duo, Robbie Shakespeare, died in a Miami hospital following complications from organ transplants on Wednesday. The other loss has to do with everyone’s favorite made-for-TV band, The Monkees.

The musical group which was also colloquially known as the “Pre-fab Four” just lost their guitarist and lead vocalist, Michael Nesmith. Bandmate Micky Dolenz took to Twitter to share his heartbroken reaction to hearing the news.

Micky Dolenz Remembers His Friend in an Emotional Tweet

“I’m heartbroken,” the penned letter starts off. “I’ve lost a dear friend and partner.” Dolenz gets emotional recounting their best times together, referring to “the shtick.” The two had performed as part of a Farewell tour for The Monkees just last month in Chicago.

You can read the letter in full here:

Nesmith’s passing leaves Micky Dolenz as the only surviving member of the band. The original band also included Davy Jones who passed in 2012 and Peter Tork who passed in 2019.

During the farewell tour, Nesmith had said that the group’s impact was “more than I ever imagined.” The band attributed several hits to him over the years including “Circle Sky,” “Listen to the Band,” “Mary, Mary,” and “The Girl I Knew Somewhere.”

Supporting the Legacy of The Monkees This Holiday Season

Although the official Twitter account for The Monkees has yet to make any statements regarding the tragic loss, they did share a tweet bringing back one of their old projects. The holidays won’t be the same without Michael Nesmith or any of the other Monkees, but their 2018 “Christmas Party” record might be exactly what you need to lift your spirits this holiday season.

It features original members Peter, Mike, and Micky as well as some guests like Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, and Rivers Cuomo. It marks the 13th and final album of the music group with holiday favorites like “Silver Bells” as well as a ton of originals.

Listening details can be accessed right here in their tweet: