‘The Middle’ Star Patricia Heaton Gives Advice to ‘Common Sense’ Christians Amid Country’s Turmoil

by Halle Ames

2021 has not started off on the foot most had hoped, however actress Patricia Heaton shares some advice she has to “common sense” Christians. 

In the last few weeks, our country has felt more divided than ever. With politics being at the forefront of media headlines, chaos is the only thing we ever see. 

Patricia Heaton’s Post

Star of “The Middle” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” Patricia Heaton took to Twitter to share a faith-filled positive reminder. 

“If you’re a common-sense person, you probably don’t feel you have a home in this world right now. If you’re a Christian, you know you were never meant to.”

According to Fox News, one commenter disagreed with the actress’s stance, where Patricia Heaton explained her tweet. As a Christian, she believes that we are on this earth to spread the word of God. According to Christian values, this life is more of a stepping stone to eternal life in Heaven. 

“Respectfully, this world is only temporary. I love many things here too, and yes, we are called to love our neighbor and be good stewards. But this ain’t it,” Heaton posted. 

She added, “We are meant to serve Christ while we are here.”

The 62-year-old actress often voices her stances on faith, which usually calls for unity. She also asks her followers to remember to use common sense when dealing with everyday issues. 

In addition, Patricia Heaton took a controversial stance against abortion in February, calling out the Democratic party. She said the group “champions abortion.” Heaton also took to Twitter to voice her support for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, saying she was “in absolute awe” of her. 

In September, she warned users of an “onslaught of arrogant pronouncements based on breathtaking ignorance” that will come from the election in November.  

In the end, religious or political affiliation doesn’t mean anything to us. Just be a good person, please.