Mike Rowe on Christmas Song With John Rich: ‘Chorus Is an Earworm’

by Amy Myers

Mike Rowe has formed the duet of the decade with John Rich just in time for the holiday season. Earlier today, the two just dropped their Christmas tune “Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job,” which nods to the return of Rowe’s most successful show, Dirty Jobs.

Besides his role as a host, Mike Rowe has become a star for his beautifully baritone pipes and has done countless voiceovers throughout the years. On a few rare occasions, we’ve had the chance to hear the star actually perform a tune, including a few impromptu opera performances. But none of his fans expected him to kick off the jolly season with a new jingle.

The Dirty Jobs host posted the news on Instagram and gave his fans a sneak peek of the tune. And from the look on Rowe’s face, he couldn’t be happier with how the song turned out.

“Couple weeks ago, under circumstances too weird to explain, @johnrichofficial and I decided to record a song for Christmas. America’s not having a great time right now, and we thought a song like this might help put a smile on our collective face,” Rowe told his followers. “It’s called Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job, and I’ll warn you right now – the chorus is an earworm that’s gonna be tough to shake.”

He’s not lying – it’s already stuck in our heads.

Rowe added that there will also be a music video to come (with an appearance by The Oak Ridge Boys), but for now, only the song was downloadable.

Mike Rowe Announces That 100 Percent of Song’s Proceeds Will Go to Two Charities

While it’s clear that Mike Rowe and John Rich had a blast recording the tune together, their new song also had a bigger mission in mind. Rowe and Rich often dedicate their public efforts to various charities and efforts and this occasion was no different. Rowe announced in his post that the proceeds of “Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job” would go to both his and Rich’s charities.

“It’s a fun little ditty that you can download for $1.29, and I hope you will, because 100% of the net proceeds are divided equally @mikeroweworks and Folds of Honor, two great charities that are making a difference in the lives of skilled tradespeople and families of veterans,” Mike Rowe shared.

Mike Rowe’s organization raises money and provides resources to students through a “Work Ethic Scholarship Program” that promotes the teaching and pride of vocational skills and jobs. Meanwhile, John Rich has worked closely with Folds of Honor in the past, donating more than $200,000 through his whiskey brand, Redneck Riviera. Folds of Honor provides scholarships to the spouses and children of fallen and disabled service members.