Mike Rowe Describes Tim Allen’s Many Talents, Doesn’t Know What to Label Him As

by Courtney Blackann

In a recent interview with Tim Allen on Mike Rowe’s Youtube channel and podcast, the “Dirty Jobs” star took some flack for not returning to Allen’s “Last Man Standing” after a hilarious and wildly popular episode.

However, Rowe says it wasn’t for lack of want. Like Allen, Rowe was busy with other projects and didn’t feel like he could dedicate the appropriate time to the role of Allen’s brother. Despite this, Rowe said he admires Allen for his many talents.

“I’m so impressed by how you’ve carved out your world. You’re a stand up, you’re an actor, you’re a philosopher, you’re a mechanic of sorts. But you’ve figured it out. And I’ve tried to do something similar in a slightly different way. But the truth is, I loved that experience.”

‘Brotherly’ Teasing

Allen was quick to refute this, however, saying he really wished Rowe would have taken a bigger role on the show anyway.

“It worked so freaking well, that it was constantly on my mind and on everyone’s mind on the set,” he said.

Allen added:

“The sitcom world is really difficult, and they have to weave stories…it was a blessing to have you on there at that point.”

In the description of the episode, Rowe describes how much he loves Allen’s work ethic and his ability to keep bringing comedy into modern times. He shares what the two chat about and says Allen feels like a real-life brother picking on him.

“Maybe it’s just me, but Tim still seems a little incredulous that I didn’t return to Last Man Standing to finish what I started,” Rowe says. “As for why Tim now lives on the runway of an airport, well, that’s a bit of a mystery – one I attempt to solve in this weeks podcast. Here’s a short sample, which feels a lot like two actual brothers giving each other a ration of good-natured grief…”

Mike Rowe Shares Advice with Teens

Many of us who’ve been a part of the labor force know that life doesn’t always go as planned when it comes to your work life. Some get degrees. Others don’t. Some people with little education start wildly successful businesses. Some people attain several degrees and follow a path they’ve dreamed about since childhood.

However, “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe says it’s okay to go in an unconventional direction. Encouraging careers in trade, Rowe encouraged high school students to explore alternative opportunities if college didn’t feel like the right option.

Those who criticized that it’s not just about dollars per hour, however, were met with Rowe’s wise words.

“Of course not. Job satisfaction is never about any one thing. But when the average American thinks welders and plumbers and heavy equipment mechanics barely scrape by, somebody has to correct that misperception. But to your point, yes – low wages are just one of many misperceptions that keep kids from exploring a career in the trades.”