Mike Rowe Discovered He Was on a Viral TikTok While at the Airport, His Reaction Was Pure Class

by Kati Kuuseoks

Sure, Mike Rowe gets his hands dirty. Well, his hands, feet, face… who else do you know that willingly sticks his arm up a cow’s backside or turns into a turkey inseminator for a day? Despite his not-so-glamorous “Dirty Jobs” escapades, Mike Rowe is a real class act. He openly supports our troops and stays intentional in his work, hoping it goes far beyond “entertainment value.” In his most recent demonstration of character, Rowe followed his viral TikTok status with a pure class reaction.

Mike Rowe Gives One New Orleans Organization The Surprise of Its Life

Mike Rowe sat in the airport ready to board his flight when he was momentarily caught off guard by social media. He details the experience in a lengthy caption on his most recent Instagram post:

“One minute, you’re at the airport waiting to board, minding your own business, when a Tik Tok video pops up that you happen to be in. And so, you do the only sensible thing you can do in a situation like this. You share it with 6 million people, and encourage them to listen with headphones…”

The TikTok features a young woman recollecting a life-changing experience for her glass recycling organization in New Orleans. Set to a popular acapella song, short clips detail how a “small documentary crew” reached out to the organization to arrange a meeting.

The crew made their way to New Orleans, and little by little, documented their recycling projects. This all culminated with the appearance of Mike Rowe on the last day of filming. After interviewing the organization’s crew, Rowe then brought in a full band ensemble. Well, that and a check for $32,000. The grand amount happened to be the exact price of a desperately needed glass recycling machine to replace the organization’s old one.

The surprise shocked the organization, who is filled with immense gratitude. The comment section of Rowe’s Instagram echoes these sentiments as well.

One of the top “liked” comments comes from @biz_scotty who writes: “One of the few celebrities I’d buy a beer for.”

@jefftrevorrow writes: “I don’t have a ton of heroes, but this guy is one of them. He’s a gem!”

Check it out here:

‘Returning the Favor’

Mike Rowe is a strong proponent of actionable change. While he and his film crews work to make changes together, he also uses his grand net worth to lift up other communities that are doing equally good work. The above clip comes from his promise to “Return the Favor.” He has donated to correction officers, farmers, veterans— pretty much any community you can think of.

Here’s a look back at the time he helped lift up a motorcycle racer whose goal surrounds saving animals: