Mike Rowe Explained the Problem Society Has Today with ‘Binary’ Decision-Making

by Jonathan Howard

It is no secret. Mike Rowe is a fan of folks trying different things in life. That includes going to trade school and working a trade. As far as career paths go, trades are not a prime choice. Rowe has advocated for these professions for years.

Back in 2019, the Dirty Jobs star talked with Plough about his approach. Rowe also discussed trades and his advocacy for them. Also, don’t call him “anti-college”, he rejects that notion. Check out his words below.

“All our choices these days fell binary. If I advocate for one thing, people assume it’s because I’m against another. So when I say more people should learn a trade, it often comes back as ‘Mike is anti-college.’ That’s now true, of course. I’m opposed to unnecessary debt, and I think the cost of a four-year degree is out of control. But arguing in favor of the trades only feels ‘radical’ because it conflicts with the long-held belief that a four-year degree is the best pather for the most people.”

Mike Rowe has never been shy about his feelings regarding this matter. While he isn’t against higher education, he is very pro trades. He thinks that it can get misconstrued at times. However, he’s been consistent over the years.

Rowe is often asked about his thoughts on society. As host of his various shows, he has shown stories and people that are often overlooked. However, he doesn’t have a “magical” solution to anything. He does have some thoughts about how to get Americans talking with one another again.

Mike Rowe Says, ‘Nothing Magical’ in His Pitch

If you ask, Mike Rowe will answer. He has now overnight solutions to America’s problems. He thinks that if folks are going to reconnect with one another, they need to talk. So, he’s doing his part to get folks talking again.

“There’s no new ideas, but in general when things become this heated, the quest becomes to find the thing that can still keep people — more or less — connected. In other words, what is it that we all still share? Dirty Jobs is going back into production because work is one of those things we can all talk about. Returning the Favor was a show I did for years on Facebook was a rumination on decency. Somebody’s Got To Do It, which I was doing on CNN with you [Ashleigh Banfield] back in the day, that was a look at hobbies and avocations. Six Degrees is just a look at our shared history.”

While there isn’t a lot that might connect people, there are some core things that Mike Rowe thinks we can still connect over.

“Three aren’t many things that still connect us all intrinsically, but work and play and kindness and a shared history, those are the themes that I typically gravitate toward.”

That is apparent on his shows when he talks with business owners and workers. He gets down to the topics that connect everyone, topics like work and making a living.