Mike Rowe Has Some Hilarious Technical Issues in New Video

by Michael Freeman

No matter how professional you are when it comes to creating content, I guarantee you will run into technical issues at some point. Mike Rowe is no exception and his latest Instagram post hilariously highlights just how bad they can get sometimes.

Reflecting on how much fun he had on last week’s podcast of The Way I Heard It, Mike Rowe also recently highlighted what a technical disaster it was. Giving us a glimpse on Instagram, he humorously talks about how well (that’s one word for it) things went.

Rowe gives a preview of what to expect in the video with the caption, stating “This is a really fun conversation on last week’s episode of the podcast that I forgot to share, what with all the excitement swirling around the current #1 hit song in all genres on @applemusic, Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job, that I was honored to record with @johnrichofficial last week.  My guest is Justin Folk, a filmmaker who left Hollywood to make the movies he wanted to make. One of which, I’m delighted to be in. Modesty aside, it’s rather good.”

As soon as the video begins, you can see the disdain on Rowe’s face regarding the issues. Both he and his producer Chuck Klausmeyer state they spent at least half an hour working out technical problems, and with Justin Folk, a filmmaker, no less. Thanking Folk for his immeasurable patience, Rowe takes the problems in stride, cracking jokes about them the whole time.

Folk adopts their lighthearted approach, saying he felt “privileged to join such a well-oiled machine. This is, this is, you guys, what you do, it’s magic, really.”

Mike Rowe Talks About Professional Voice Acting

Audio issues are no joke, especially if you’re someone like Mike Rowe who often voices over video footage. On a separate podcast episode, he discussed professional voice acting with one of his guests.

Lindsay Schnebly joined Mike Rowe and Chuck Klausmeyer on the podcast and the three of them spoke at length about voice acting. All three men do voiceover work, so if you’re interested in the field, you may want to listen.

While you may think Rowe’s most frequent question is about his “dirtiest job,” it’s actually about voice work. Despite the obvious route doing “announcer voices,” Schnebly said it’s “so done.” More ordinary-sounding voices are apparently sought now. Additionally, you don’t need expensive equipment to get the job done. A decent microphone and a free app on your laptop is enough to get started. You can also use bedsheets to help drown out background noise.

Basically, the three say to put yourself out there and not be too intimidated about getting into the field. Easier said than done, right?