Mike Rowe Honors Veterans Day in Touching and Hilarious Post: ‘Thanks to You All’

by Michael Freeman

So far for Veterans Day, an incredible amount of people voiced their support for our military members. While many tributes have been heartfelt and serious, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of humor to it. Mike Rowe, for instance, posted his appreciation to Instagram in such a way, telling our veterans “Thanks to you all.”

As it turns out, a dentist’s visit coincided with Veterans Day, but that didn’t stop Rowe from giving credit where credit is due. Receiving a root canal wasn’t enough to stifle his commending our veterans. With a lighthearted, yet appreciative, post to Instagram, he voiced his thanks the best he could.

“Moments before my root canal, I was right on the verge of feeling sorry for myself,” Rowe began. “Then I remembered it was Veterans Day. And now, I’ve decided to proceed without anesthetic. I’m kidding, of course. But whatever discomfort awaits, is laughably insignificant when compared to the sacrifices made by the men and women who wear our country‘s uniforms. Thanks to you all. I’d love to say more, but I have to spit now.”

The photos paint an interesting picture, with Rowe clearly being enthusiastic about his dentist trip. The comment section seems to appreciate the post and shares Rowe’s sense of humor.

Mike Rowe Responds to a Veteran About His ‘Point of View’ Regarding Current Events

Mike Rowe supporting veterans isn’t something he sounds off about once or twice a year. Consistently thinking about our nation’s heroes, he recently posted a response about our nation’s current state of affairs concerning military members.

A fan named Matthew Maisenbacher posted a question to Rowe’s official website mentioning veterans back in August. Saying our military members today often feel lost and heartbroken, Matthew asked for Rowe’s thoughts, which he happily provided.

“My thoughts, first and foremost, are with the men and women who risked everything over there on my behalf,” Rowe replied.

“I’ve been thinking specifically of my friend, Travis Mills – one of the first quadruple amputees to survive his injuries in Afghanistan. I simply can’t imagine what’s going through his mind right now, or how he must feel,” Rowe continued. The post contains a photo of Rowe standing with Mills, a man he clearly sympathizes with.

Rowe doesn’t hold back, bringing up statistics and his own personal experiences. “I’m thinking of the 22 vets who kill themselves every day, oftentimes because they don’t believe their sacrifice had any meaning. And of course, I’m thinking of all the Gold Star families I’ve met over the years – parents and siblings who lost sons and daughters and brothers and sisters for a cause that now seems impossible to define.”

Continuing to note their sacrifice, he ends by saying veterans are the very best of us and we will never forget their sacrifice. Truer words were never spoken.