Mike Rowe Reports ‘Live’ From California: ‘Everything’s Just Gone to Hell’

by Thad Mitchell

Well-known television personality Mike Rowe says Santa Monica, California has “gone to hell” and he has visual proof.

Mostly known for his time as the host of “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe is also one of the world’s most interesting individuals. He’s been there and done that, quite literally, and his resume shows a diverse set of talents. How diverse? Rowe actually rose to fame as an opera singer. Since his time on stage, he’s become one of the most recognizable faces on television, hosting a few different shows.

The 59-year-old always seems to have an interesting story to tell and some words of wisdom to share. Other times, Mike Rowe is just downright funny and entertaining. Full of vast intellect, sharp wit, and subtle charm, Rowe has built up quite a fan base. He’s the kind of guy you would like to sit down and have a drink with and spend the entire time listening to what he has to say.

More recently, Mike Rowe takes his stories to social media where his fans cling to his every word. He is a very popular follow on social media as he often combines humor into elements of storytelling. But, on Tuesday, Rowe just had something cool to show all of us — or I guess it would be the opposite of “cool.”

“This just in,” he says in the social media post’s caption space.

Mike Rowe Visits Santa Monica, Finds a Flaming Couch

There isn’t much contest given on what you are about to see on the Mike Rowe Instagram post — but that’s what makes it funny. As he peers directly into the camera, he veers around to reveal what appears to be a couch engulfed in flames. No reason why and no reason how — just a couch on fire in Santa Monica, California. While it might seem an odd site to most of us, it’s just another day for Mike Rowe. Pretending to be a live reporter on the scene, Rowe provides the visual you won’t soon forget.

“Mike Rowe here, reporting live from Santa Monica — where everything has just gone to hell,” he says in the brief video. “Back to you.”

He also flashes a big smile with a hint of laughter as he pans around to reveal the burning furniture. Why is the couch on fire? who knows — use your imagination and give it a Mike Rowe-type story.

You can tell by his demeanor that Rowe isn’t in any harm as the couch is consumed by flames. As with most everything Mike Rowe post on social media, this couch on fire video took in a lot of attention.

“Santa Monica went to hell a long time ago,” a social media user proclaims.