Mike Rowe Reveals Gritty Details About This Year’s New Episodes of ‘Dirty Jobs’

by Kati Kuuseoks

Mike Rowe knows how to get down and dirty, all while showcasing some of America’s hardest laborers and workers. After some off-time allowed him to explore his entrepreneurial side and launch a new whiskey, the Blue-Collar hero is almost ready to dive back into the world of “Dirty Jobs.” After its cancellation by the Discovery Network in November 2012, fans can rejoice in a new season with a release date set for sometime before the end of the year.

While we don’t have an official release date to share yet, we do have a first look at the re-vamped series. Actually, the gritty details come from Mike Rowe himself. He penned a long letter, as he so often does, on his Instagram to address burning fan questions. Here’s what we know.

Mike Rowe Teases Fans With Preview

Mike Rowe keeps an open dialogue with fans about everything, really. From pleas to join “Jeopardy!” as a host to emotional statements about world affairs, Rowe is known for his thoughtful, long-winded replies. In the latest letter addressed to him, Thom Wilkes asks:

“Hey Mike – Just read your article in People. You’re a busy dude! Are you hosting the new Fox show, or just narrating? What’s up with the new whiskey? How can I get some? When’s Dirty Jobs coming back? How’s the foundation?”

Rowe covers all the bases in his reply, revealing the first publicized details surrounding the upcoming re-vamp of his hit show.

“Dirty Jobs…still requires my services on camera, and still seems determined to kill me. Super excited about six brand new episodes premiering later this year, probably late October. The shows look great, and while rod-busting is the hardest construction job there is, carving the Crazy Horse monument kicked my ass properly.”

You can read the full letter here:

A Look Back at Some of the Dirtiest Jobs

Along with his letter, Mike Rowe also issued a statement on Discovery’s site describing his return.

“Every now and then, the headlines catch up to a TV show and make it relevant in ways that no one imagined. With essential work in the news, it’s impossible not to think of ‘Dirty Jobs,’ and for the last year, people have asked me every day if the show would make a comeback. Today I’m happy to say the answer is yes. In other words, just when I thought I was out, they sucked me back in!”

The new season will feature some wicked climates from the deep southern bayous to America’s remote Badlands.

While we wait for the new season to drop, we thought it would be fun to take our Outsiders on a journey back through time to celebrate some of Mike Rowe’s dirtiest jobs. The compilation includes jobs from over the last decade or so. Let us know your favorite!