Mike Rowe Shows the Value of Hard Work in Emotional Video Supporting Students

by John Jamison

If anyone knows a thing or two about hard work, it’s Mike Rowe. The star of shows like “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” the fan-favorite TV personality has dedicated much of his career to celebrating the men and women who work jobs that many would consider undesirable. Now, his Mike Rowe Works Foundation has the ability to offer scholarships to students all over the country who have demonstrated a willingness to work hard.

Mike Rowe posted a video to his Instagram account, showing off some of the 2021 recipients of his Work Ethic Scholarship Program. And there are few people more qualified to talk about work ethic. Mike Rowe has been a student of hard labor his entire life. His work in television directly reflects that. Beyond his hosting roles, he’s also narrated “Deadliest Catch” over the course of hundreds of episodes. There is hardly a job out there that requires more discipline or dedicated work ethic than working a crab boat on the Bering Sea.

In that spirit, Rowe is paying his good fortune forward. He’s seeking to reward those who prove their dedication to being hard workers. And the Instagram video shows how valuable it can be.

“I hate asking people for money. I really do, even when it’s for my own foundation. So no more of that. No more asking for donations. Instead, I’m just going to show you a super quick video of the kind of people Mike Rowe Works is trying to help,” Rowe begins the video.

Mike Rowe’s Ambitious Goal Demands Powerful Examples

In recent years, Mike Rowe has dedicated himself to creating an educational program for American youth to recognize what he perceives as a loss of work ethic.

He recently completed an entire curriculum aimed at post-secondary school students.

“I know this will be a hard sell in some areas,” Rowe explained in an Instagram post from earlier in July. “But, look, this is not political. This is a completely agnostic, nonpartisan attempt to introduce these old qualities back into the conversation. You know, all things that make certain people say okay, Boomer.”

The rest of the more recent Instagram video clip sees Mike Rowe showing off a handful of this year’s scholarship recipients. The video includes parts of the students’ pitches, explaining why they should get the scholarship. And after, it shows people who represent the foundation awarding them the money.

Putting faces to the names and watching the delight on their faces clearly makes Mike Rowe emotional. And it might be enough to motivate others to pursue similar opportunities. You can learn more about the Mike Rowe Works Foundation here.