Mike Wolfe Went to Extreme Lengths to Perfect ‘American Pickers’ During His Years Pitching Show

by Shelby Scott

“American Pickers” has debuted on the History Channel, airing an impressive 22 seasons so far. While former co-stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz became an iconic duo on the network, the pair have since split up. Nevertheless, the show continues to see enduring success. However, when the show first began, Mike Wolfe previously revealed he went to extreme lengths in pitching the now-hit show.

Most interestingly, Wolfe revealed in a 2013 interview that he spent four and a half years simply pitching the show. Combined with the show’s 2010 debut date, that totals an impressive 15 years or so focusing his efforts into “American Pickers.”

More specifically, Wolfe revealed in pitching the hit show, he spent a lot of time with producers. He and producers worked with several networks such as A&E and National Geographic.

He shared that once producers had their meetings with certain networks, he would call to follow up, humorously stating, “[after] they obviously said ‘No,’ I wanted to know why they said no.”

Wolfe further stated he wanted answers as to what network representatives’ reactions were. He wanted to know what they thought of the “sizzler reel.”

In that way, we can assume Wolfe was able to discern the specifics of what networks did and didn’t like about “American Pickers.” It would have enabled him to streamline the show more to what they were looking for.

See the full interview below.

Why ‘American Pickers’ Resonates with Viewers

As I said before, “American Pickers” has earned the attention of History Channel viewers everywhere. Wolfe’s lengthy four and a half years trying to find a network to claim his pitch certainly paid off. The proof lies in the 20-odd seasons that have debuted so far.

However, in addition to Mike Wolfe’s dedication in securing a network to roll “American Pickers,” Wolfe’s former co-star, Frank Fritz, previously shared why the show continues to resonate with viewers.

As much as many of us may deny it, Fritz once claimed, “there’s a little bit of collector–picker–in everybody.”

And if we were to put it in perspective, the claim remains relatively true. The entire purpose of “American Pickers” is to locate rare finds on a bargain. They then return them to their original state (as much as possible or as necessary) and give them new homes.

We sort of do the same every day, scanning grocery stores and retail outlets for bargain prices and items. Nevertheless, it allows those of us unable to travel the country and take time to pursue our inner collecting passions to experience those kinds of thrills with “American Pickers.”

However, Fritz, during the interview, shared another interesting tidbit, countering the reactions we tend to see from show star Mike Wolfe. He followed up his observation with “I’ve never really found that $100,000 vase…I haven’t found anything that’s really blown my mind.”